Alex "Worldwide" Kellar Interview (January 3rd, 2015)

Twitter: @TheTowerSkin
Facebook: Alex W. Kellar
Instagram: @towerskinworldwide
Snapchat: towerskin

Particle Don: First of all, how was your Christmas?

Worldwide: Christmas was solid. I went to the Chinese buffet for brunch and then hung out and played a solo set at Now That's Class as Basement Boi. A fair amount of beer and booze was involved. My family all lives in Wisconsin and California, so Christmas is kind of just a day off of work for me.

Particle Don: What got you into wrestling? How long have you been watching?

Worldwide: I've been into wrestling on and off since I was a little kid. Hulk Hogan was cool, then I remember being on Team Bret, and then the mid-to-late 90's were awesome. You could watch wrestling almost every night of the week. Around 2001 and 2002 I got really into music and skateboarding at the same time that ECW and WCW died.

What sealed the deal was the episode of Raw where Jericho won the belt at the start of the show, but by the end of the show, he had to return it to Triple H. I wasn't quite "smart" to the business by that point, but the fish were smelling in Denmark, and I saw this Helmsley character was going to be on top for a while. That bummed me out, so until about 2009 I just played music, existed, and occasionally read up on what was going on and watched old ECW tapes.

While on tour in the summer of '09, I bought a copy of "Dungeon Of Death" by Scott Keith. It was a depressing but fascinating book, and somehow it sucked me back into current wrestling fandom. Here we are!

Used copies on Dungeon of Death can be found for a low price on Amazon.

Particle Don: What made you decide to train to be a wrestler at the AIW school?

Worldwide: It's only 3 miles from my apartment and an easy ride on the 26 bus if my car dies! No, I kid, I kid. I'm very glad that I chose the AIW school. I started going to their shows around 2011 or 2012 and quickly surmised that AIW was the best thing going in Cleveland; a little bit of everything style-wise and the beer is cheap.

When I first decided I wanted to train to wrestle AIW didn't have the school going yet, so I moved out to Philly in early '13. I dieted, did cardio like a maniac and served subpoenas all over eastern PA and New Jersey. After about five months of that I lost like 60 lbs, but then lost my job, had some other life-altering things happen and concussed myself. I decided to get the hell back to Cleveland. Fast forward to January '15 and The Drunkest Fan In AIW is the Newest Student In AIW and it's been a baffling nightmare for all involved ever since, hahaha.

Particle Don: Who are a few of your favorite wrestlers?

Worldwide: Bret Hart, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, any of the tough bastards that made money in the 70s, Shinsuke Nakamura and Eddie Kingston. Lately, NWA on the Network has turned me onto Manny Fernandez in a big way...

Shinsuke Nakamura

Particle Don: Did you know Weird Body EA before training with him at the AIW school? How did you meet him?

Worldwide: Apparently I might have indirectly met Brother Weirdster years ago when I lived at a DIY showspace called the Tower 2012, but those were hazy years.

Weird Body had been training for 6 months before I started. I remember bumping into him outside of the Lakewood Exchange after having seen him in one of the Presentation Skills videos and asking him how he liked the AIW school and having a light chat. Then I saw him standing next to Johnny Gargano at a merch table at a show and noticed that he had a cast on his wrist. I asked what the hell happened, and Johnny said "Samoan drops are dangerous, man." I officially met him my first day at the school, though.

Alex Kellar and Weird Body EA are featured on the opening scene of the AIW Fresh Meat DVD!

Particle Don: Interesting how you may have met him years earlier in a non-wrestling capacity. What drove you and Weird Body to form a tag team, rather than become single competitors?

Worldwide: I think that Thorne and Biggins saw that we were on the same wavelength in a lot of areas - culturally, mentally, politically, etc. - and that we complemented each other. I damned sure was not ready for a singles run on a number of levels, and maybe, just maybe Weird Body needed some muscle to back him up. So we jumped at the opportunity to team up, and it's been awesome ever since. I love it.

Particle Don: Weird World is certainly one of the most intriguing entities on the independent scene. How did you come up with the idea of "Battle Forms"? What are a few of your favorite forms to morph into during a match?

Worldwide: I think the next form we're going to attempt is "Form Of A Winning Tag Team", hahaha. We're pretty stoked on the Lake Erie Monster and the Terry Funk Ladder Spot. We've been in the lab working on a double team submission maneuver. I've been trying to sell him on this one idea I had where I'd tombstone piledrive him onto a dude's head, like an assisted headbutt, but he keeps telling me I'm crazy for some reason...

Particle Don: You are the "King of Wrong Style". Is "Wrong Style" a reference to your unorthodox in-ring maneuvers?

Worldwide: Yeah, that could be it. Or it's me being a Nakamura fan. Or it's me covering my ass if I screw something up or do something weird. "Wrongstyle, bro, you haven't heard of it?" Hahaha.

Particle Don: You met Scott Hall a few weeks ago at AIW. What were your impressions of him?

Worldwide: He was a cool guy for sure. Definitely very business-minded, which is good to encounter. It reminds us of the point of all of this.

Scott Hall with an AIW fan.

Particle Don: What is your favorite Scott Hall match?

Worldwide: You know, I really couldn't say. Like, I don't remember a horrible Scott Hall match. I more remember his promos, mannerisms, the way he presented himself, which was all really cool and smooth. This is basically an indictment of my mindset in wrestling, I think way more about personality/promo/aura-type stuff than I do the bell-to-bell in-ring stuff, which I'm going to try very hard to work on in 2016 and beyond.

Particle Don: Terry Funk also came to AIW recently. What was it like meeting the legend? What did you say to him?

Worldwide: It was really cool. Terry is in this headspace where he's there and with it and smart as a whip but also out of his mind all at the exact same time. You could assemble a team of elite psychologists and quantum physicists to try to figure out Terry Funk - they'd probably quit their trades and move to the mountains or something; the dude is next level. I gave him a Weird World shirt and he was tripping out over it, like "Well, this isn't big enough to wear with another person. Do you guys work like this?" And truth told, if the Funker wanted us to, I would, hahaha.

Terry Funk surprised everyone by getting physical during Josh Prohibition's match with Eddie Kingston!

Particle Don: Did you get your tattoos in Cleveland? Do you have a favorite shop?

Worldwide: There are a few guys I've been getting work from in the last couple years: Matt Grunden and Chris Nelson at True Art Tattoos, and also Nathan at West Anchor Tattoo.

Particle Don: How did the Battle Braids come to be? Do you wear Battle Braids during concerts?

Worldwide: I do from time to time. My hair is long as hell, like mermaid/merman levels, and I've tried a million different ways to keep it under control while wrestling. This seems the most manageable way to go about it. Maybe one of these days I'll get it trimmed down to a nice Bret Hart/Mr. Perfect length, but for now I'm feeling the Battle Braids.

I got the inspiration from this 90's New York hardcore band Merauder. They have a music video for a song called "Master Killer" (sounds a lot like "Master Kellar" if you ask me, they were ahead of their time) where brother has Battle Braids for miles. Check it out, solid gym jams.

These Battle Braids inspired Worldwide to don braids of his own!

Particle Don: You are in a band called Basement Boys. What is your role in the band?

Worldwide: I sing, talk lots of shit between songs, occasionally bother people to be in the band. Every once in a while I write new songs.

Particle Don: The Basement Boys website contains free MP3s of your two demos. When can we expect a full-length Basement Boys LP?

Worldwide: Hooo boy. Yeah, we're not the most prolific of bands. We released Demo I in 2009, Demo II: The Dominator in 2012, and at some point in (hopefully early) 2016 we'll be releasing Demo III: Aging Narcissist Sings The Blues. After that bad boy drops, I'm going to bother my friend Richard to do an LP discography on his label Saucepan Records.

Particle Don: How often do you guys play live? When and where is your next show?

Worldwide: We succeeded at playing only one show in 2015, if that gives you an idea of how often we play out. It was the perfect show to play, though, raging in a basement full of crazy people with fireworks and everyone out of their minds. If I were a betting man, I'd say that our next show would be at Now That's Class, but I have no clue when that will be.

Particle Don: What happened at the Fresh Meat viewing party (hosted at Now That's class) that caused it to end early?

Worldwide: Some dude started beating up some other dude. AIW humans pulled it apart. The one guy ran. The aggressing dude got headbutted and threw a garbage can through the front Plexiglas door of the bar. Someone threw a bar stool at him. He was then chased into the gay bar next door, pulled out, and was arrested with some nasty swelling around his eye. We didn't even make it to Weird World vs. Hot Sauce Entertainment! We were only up to Eddie Kingston vs. Frankie Flynn. Leave it to Eddie and Flynn to whip the viewers into a damn riot!

Particle Don: How did you acquire the nickname "Worldwide"?

Worldwide: Well, back in my days at the Tower 2012, a fake/real skinhead (for the record, anti-racist skinheads, racism's for wimps) crew sort of formed, almost like mold on the basement walls: the Tower Skins. I'm not the leader by any stretch of the imagination, just the co-director.

It's a long, confusing, mostly silly, occasionally violent story, but as I was talking shit between songs at a Basement Boys show, I said something like "This next one goes out to all the Tower Skins WORRRLDWIDE!" at which point our bassist Dirtbike said "Worldwide!" into his mic, which then caused our drummer Joe to say "Worldwide!" into his drum mic and then pretty soon the set devolved into lots of shit-talk punctuated by WORLWIDEs. WORLDWIDE became part of the vernacular.

As for how I got the name, my middle initial is W so it makes sense that I'd be Alex "WORLDWIDE" Kellar. Plus, that's all Biggins and Thorne knew of me from social media. And gosh darn it we already had an Alex in the school (what's up, Daniels, get well soon, buddy) so if I'm called "Worldwide", I know it's someone from wrestling talking to me.

Particle Don: What is your favorite beer?

Worldwide: Hmm. If I'm trying to pace myself, be semi-rational, and watch my girlish figure, then it's Natural Light. If I've decided at a certain point in the evening that I want to black out, it's La Fin Du Monde. If I'm rich, or want to pretend to be rich while out on a date, I'll enjoy a stout of some sort.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite bands?

Worldwide: This is tricky. If we had to go to a desert island scenario/top 5-type deal, I'd say Television, Black Flag, Jonathan Richman, Integrity, and the Velvet Underground. Lately I've been jamming a lot of stuff like DAF, Swing Out Sister, Herb Alpert (with or without his Tijuana Brass), and random bossa nova stuff. I don't listen to music with people so much as I listen to music at people, hahaha.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite video games?

Worldwide: I've spent way too much time in the last couple years playing Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. Wrestlemania 2000 for the Nintendo 64 still has my heart.

Particle Don: What is your favorite video game system?

Worldwide: Sega Saturn, hands down, best ever, WORLDWIDE (MUNDIAL en Espanol).

Particle Don: What is your favorite movie?

Worldwide: That's a tough one. Bloodsport? The 1977 Ralph Bakshi film Wizards? I know that Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 was sweet.


Particle Don: Do you enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay on TV?

Worldwide: Yes, but I only like Kitchen Nightmares, I have no time for those competition shows. I don't know how this just popped in my head but in 2016 I'd like to see Gordon Ramsay get into an argument with Rip Rogers. AIW, book it! Maybe not in a church though, hahaha.

Particle Don: Where did you first hear about Particle Don?

Worldwide: I think I met you at an AIW show last year. The first interview I read of yours was with Weird Body. Big surprise, right? Hahaha.

Particle Don: What is your favorite Particle Don song?

Worldwide: I'm gonna go with "Enhancement Talent (Terry Taylor)" because in the commentary for our debut match at Fresh Meat, LFC thought my last name was Taylor. I took this as a compliment, because Terry Taylor was known for being a charming, handsome dude, so I figured that I must have been looking extra suave, hahaha.

Particle Don: Where can fans buy Weird World merch online?

Worldwide: We're on this whole face to face deal right now, so hit me up at a show. Odds are if it isn't on a table then it's in my car. They could e-mail me at and it might motivate me to get a PayPal account going...

Particle Don: What are a few tag teams you're looking to get into the ring with in 2016?

Worldwide: I'd like another crack at Hot Sauce Entertainment, especially now that they have the AIW tag belts. I've studied the tape of our match with them and I think I have a few new strategies to employ (I'm telling you, Weird Body, that Tombstone Headbutt could KILL!!!).

I've been hearing rumblings that Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham has been lurking around more unsuspecting young wrestlers with his whole three-letter "life plan" deal, and I've seen some disturbing literature around AIW shows espousing all that baloney. I'm not too fond of that, so expect us to keep fighting that fight.

Beyond that, I'm stoked to face anyone in 2016 because every match is an experience that we can learn and improve from. WORLDWIDE.

Alex "Worldwide" Kellar tosses "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams out of the ring at AIW's Fresh Meat event!

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