Bryant Woods Interview (June 8th, 2015)

I caught up with deathmatch up-and-comer Bryant Woods for an exclusive interview. I learned quite a bit about him.

Particle Don: What got you interested in wrestling? When did this happen?

Bryant Woods: When I was about 7, I remember going to my cousins house where his father was overly obsessed with wrestling. I didn't really understand why, until I stayed the weekend with them and got to watch for myself. We watched an episode of WCW. The first match I saw was Sting vs. a local jobber. The match wasn't strong, but the energy surrounding the match made my heart race. I was hooked.

Particle Don: Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

Bryant Woods: With so many wrestlers being influential in the business when I was growing up, there was always someone new to be excited for. However, I can say that my all-time favorite was Brian Pillman. His career was short-lived, but I always seemed to have a connection with him. He was always an underdog, but he continuously pushed forward to prove them all wrong. This, combined with his unpredictable actions as the "Loose Cannon", makes him forever my favorite. May he rest in peace.

Particle Don: What made you decide to train to become a wrestler?

Bryant Woods: I had been a fan for many years, so it was natural that I would want to be a wrestler myself. However, after a major injury and having my hip fused at age 17, I was under the conclusion that any and all athletics was out of my future.

It wasn't until I attended a local show and saw an old school friend of mine wrestling that I thought I could still do it. He kept telling me I would do well because of how much drive I've always possessed with anything I did. Sure enough, he was right, and once I climbed into the ring it seemed as though all of my prior injuries were gone.

Particle Don: Where did you train?

Bryant Woods: Training for me began in a small town in Alabama called Leighton. I started training at a place called New Generation Wrestling by their current Heavyweight Champion at the time. He quit attending training shortly after, because he claimed I would never be anything in this business. I didn't stop showing up.

Eventually, two other locals picked me up after they saw I wouldn't stop, and they let me train with them until I was able to make it into my first match. Of course, I was still very green and had no clue what I was truly in for, but my real training came as I made my way on the road. Traveling and working with stronger talent and veterans is where I really began to take form.

Particle Don: Did you know you wanted to get into deathmatches as soon as you started training?

Bryant Woods: Actually, no. I never wanted to get into deathmatches at all. Deathmatch wrestling came to me after I began a tag team with Spidar Boodrow. He already had a name built around deathmatches. Naturally, as time went on, it was thrown in my path. It stuck with me.

Particle Don: How did you meet Kevin Brannen?

Bryant Woods: I met Kevin through Spidar Boodrow. Spidar had already participated in several Carnage Cup tournaments with Kevin. So, after tagging with Spidar and having a few deathmatches at some local shows, Kevin showed up to watch us in action. He came up to me after the show and asked if I would like to take part in Carnage Cup, to which I said yes.

Particle Don: Carnage Cup 8 in 2012 was your first deathmatch tournament. When and where was your first actual deathmatch? Who were you wrestling, and when did it take place?

Bryant Woods: My first deathmatch was in a tag team match. It was Spidar Boodrow and myself vs. Brett Christopher and Dusty McWilliams at Southern Alliance Wrestling Entertainment in Hanceville, Alabama.

Particle Don: You bled an insane amount during Carnage Cup 10. When you bleed that much during a match, do you get light headed? Does it become more difficult to pick up your opponent and perform maneuvers? Or does it pump you up?

Bryant Woods: Any time I bleed that bad, it's always hard on me. It gets difficult to see, because blood gets in my eyes. I get a bit of a pump at first, but when the loss continues, I begin to get weak. I still have my strength, but the energy is gone. I usually don't get light headed, but when I do, it's after the match has ended.

Particle Don: You made it to the finals in the last two Carnage Cups, but didn't manage to taste victory. Do you think the third time will be a charm in Carnage Cup 11?

Bryant Woods: To be honest, one never knows. I've killed it the last two, and I only improve more each time I climb in a ring, so only time will tell. I'm going into surgery in July, and plan to make a huge return at 100%. And with my training, being able to improve after the surgery, it's gonna be a sight to see for sure.

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Particle Don: What are your thoughts on your match with JD Horror at King of the Deathmatches 2015? Have you been studying his work?

Bryant Woods: I first met JD back at Carnage Cup 9 in the finals. We didn't get to work, but I watched his matches during the tournament. He truly has a taste for sick disturbing spots, to which so do I. I've seen more footage of him since then, and I'm pretty sure we will have a sick match. It's definitely one to be looking forward to.

Particle Don: What is your finishing move? Why did you choose this?

Bryant Woods: My finish a torture rack spun forward into a power bomb, also known as The Kraidle of Pain. It was kinda just handed to me. One of the local guys that used to travel the country was training with me one day, practicing some new moves. He had seen it on a lucha show, and tried it out, but he was a smaller guy. I liked how it looked, and was simple to handle, so he told me to try it. It looked good with me being so big, so he told me use it as a finish. I've been using it ever since.

Particle Don: What's your favorite wrestling move besides your finisher?

Bryant Woods: I love to plancha to the floor. Something about flipping the top rope and diving onto my opponent just excites me.

Particle Don: What's your favorite weapon to use in a match?

Bryant Woods: Over the last year, I've become very fond of syringes, but somehow they always end up being used on me.

Particle Don: What's your least favorite weapon in deathmatch wrestling?

Bryant Woods: I'm not really fond of thorns. Barbed wire is fine, but thorns like to break off and stick in the skin. So even after the match, I've got to handle more pain digging them out.

Particle Don: Who would you like to wrestle that you haven't already?

Bryant Woods: Most people seem to have a fear of him, but I would like to work Masada. It's not very often I get to work someone the same size and height as me, so I think we would pair off well. Plus, him being the veteran, and me coming up strong right now, I think I could learn a lot. Ultraviolent Beast vs. Suicidal Beast!

Particle Don: Have you heard of Particle Don before I reached out to you for this interview?

Bryant Woods: Truthfully, I hadn't. I've had several sites reach out to me since my performance at Carnage Cup 10, but most of them I've never heard of. I'm always welcome to be a part of their respective attributes, though.

Particle Don: What wrestler, promotion or event would you like to hear Particle Don write a song about?

Bryant Woods: Not sure if you have yet or not, but it would be neat to see something on IWA. Not any one particular because they all bring a sense of destruction and high volume entertainment at any show.

Particle Don: I am working on a 4-track EP called "The Kevin Brannen EP" which will be done by the next Carnage Cup!

Particle Don: Throughout wrestling history, what's your favorite entrance theme?

Bryant Woods: The New Age Outlaws. I still mark out to their entrance.

Particle Don: Nice! Check out my New Age Outlaws song.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite bands?

Bryant Woods: Of course I am a Juggalo, so I like pretty much anything Psychopathic. I also go for Papa Roach, Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard, Krizz Kaliko, and Rob Zombie.

Particle Don: What is your favorite video game console?

Bryant Woods: I usually prefer Xbox as of now, but my all-time favorite was the Nintendo NES.

Particle Don: What is your favorite video game?

Bryant Woods: I don't have much time for video games these days, for I'm always busy with my family and training for wrestling. But when I do play, I really enjoy Borderlands.

Particle Don: How did you acquire the nickname "The Suicidal Beast"?

Bryant Woods: Well, that came about in stages. I had been called "The Beast" for a couple years, because I am 6'6" tall and weighed 275 lbs. I stayed in the gym, and started losing weight and toning my body up a lot more. Well, as I dropped the weight, I realized getting around in the ring became so smooth and light-footed. I started flying. I began doing plancha flips over the ropes to the floor, moonsaults from the top rope, and high spot dives. Gradually, it came about that I had no care for myself, and was labeled as suicidal. It just stuck.

Particle Don: Your Sei Ozawa shirt is awesome. How did this come about? Did you reach out to Sei?

Bryant Woods: I had been working on a new design myself, when the Defend Deathmatch Wrestling shirt was released. Posting a comment on the site about their shirts, I ended up in contact with Ozawa. He told me he would love to design a shirt for me. He asked that I send him a few profile photos and what gimmicks I prefer. In return, he came back with one of the sickest shirts I've ever seen.

Fans sporting their Bryant Woods shirts at a carnival!

Particle Don: Do you have any new merch or DVDs? Is there a website where can fans buy your stuff online?

Bryant Woods: Currently, the only merchandise I have up for sale is my shirts, 4x6 photos, and 8x10 photos. I've been approached by a distributor, but haven't fully got any details settled, so until then I am still selling all of the merchandise at shows and from home. Anyone can contact me directly, and I'll mail the merch out if they can't make it to a show to get it in person.

Particle Don: Have you ever thought about starting your own promotion?

Bryant Woods: I've never really wanted to own a promotion, but I'd like to open my own gym and training school.

Particle Don: How did you get into body suspension?

Bryant Woods: I saw a video called "Modified" about all types of body modification back when I was 15. I knew it would be painful, but I've always had a fascination with piercings and testing my body, so it was something I really wanted to try. It just so happened that I attended a tattoo convention where a team was performing suspensions. I approached and asked to take part, and they gladly accepted.

Particle Don: Have you ever been to a Juggalo Gathering?

Bryant Woods: I've yet to attend a Gathering. By the time I was old enough to attend and truly take part, my daughter was born. Her birthday is the 6th of August, which just so happens to be about the same time that the Gathering normally takes place. I could never miss my daughter's birthday. But I would love to attend eventually, and maybe take part in a JCW deathmatch.

Particle Don: What are you looking forward to with deathmatch wrestling in 2015?

Bryant Woods: Truthfully, I'm not quite sure. I just know I'm ready for King of the Deathmatches. Sixteen of the most brutal and talented combatants in deathmatch wrestling's gonna be a tournament for the ages!

Particle Don: I agree it will be an epic tournament. I will be there to say what's up to you. Thanks for the informative interview, Bryant. I wish you the best with your surgery in July, and am looking forward to seeing you compete in the next Carnage Cup.

Check out Bryant Woods at King of the Deathmatches 2015!

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