Vic Philpott Interview (May 2015)

Vic has been to an incredible amount of independent wrestling shows. If you go to IWA-MS live events, you've probably seen him. Every time I go to a deathmatch tournament, he's there. He's also an official voter for Indy Power Rankings, which ranks the world's best independent wrestlers on a weekly basis. They got their start back in early 2013, when Jon Robinson's top 10 weekly wrestler list came to an end. Jon gave his personal blessing to Indy Power Rankings to carry on the project! They now have over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

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Not only this, but he also runs a podcast called TandVhorror, where him and his friend get drunk and review horror movies! They even have a blog on the Filling the Void Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio.
Particle Don: How did you get involved with Indy Power Rankings? What exactly do you do for them?

Vic: My buddy was just doing them by himself, and posting the rankings on a message board. I told him about how I thought we could make it even bigger and better. I started Facebook and Twitter pages two years ago. It has skyrocketed from there! I am an official voter, podcaster, social media guru and talent coordinator for the podcast (we now do 3 weekly). I'm pretty much a jack of all trades!

Particle Don: Does it ever become difficult juggling your Indy Power Rankings duties with your work schedule?

Vic: Yeah, extremely, but mostly just the podcast part of it. I usually only do one of the three podcast now days, but I still try to book the talent for all of them.

Particle Don: Where do you work?

Vic: I'm an Assistant Manager at Five Below.

Particle Don: How do you gather information from such a vast pool of federations? Do you have multiple sources? Do you use Twitter and Facebook?

Vic: I use a lot of resources. We have small and big name wrestlers from all over the world that send us information. Fans also send us results to their favorite promotions. Sugar Dunkerton sends us results for every company he's involved with. We have a South African voter, Leon, who runs the Watching the Indies Facebook page. He works hours upon hours, compiling results from numerous federations. He does wonderful work with the UK, Australian and Japanese results that are hard to come by.

Particle Don: Do you have any musical or creative endeavors you'd like to share?

Vic: Not really. I used to rap in my younger days, haha. Now it's just Indy Power Rankings and my Drunken Horror Podcast every Monday night. Follow us @TravNVicHorror :)

Particle Don: Were you a fan of regular wrestling before you got into deathmatches? If so, how, and what federations did you follow?

Vic: Yeah, I grew up in Louisville, so I've been watching wrestling since I can remember. I grew up on USWA (my favorite promotion of all time) and World Class. I was always a bigger fan of the brawling style, which in most matches led to the eventual crimson mask!

Particle Don: Who are some of your favorite non-deathmatch wrestlers?

Vic: Bill Dundee is one my all time favorites. I also like Mr. Perfect, Randy Savage and Kerry Von Erich. The Moondogs are my favorite tag team.

Particle Don: What initially got you into deathmatch wrestling?

Vic: I loved it when I first saw Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Abdullah the Butcher in the early 90's, but I really didn't get into it until I got The Best of Mr. Danger VHS tape in 1998. I was hooked! I found IWA-MS the same year, and the rest is history.

Particle Don: Who are some of your favorite deathmatch wrestlers?

Old school: Matsunaga (He is my favorite wrestler of all time)

New school: Ryuji Ito

Old school: Nick Mondo, JC Bailey, Ian Roten, Mitch Page, Drake Younger and Necro Butcher

New school: Matt Tremont, Josh Crane, Dale Patricks, John Wayne Murdoch and Ron Mathis

Particle Don: What was the first deathmatch tournament you saw on film? What was the first deathmatch tournament you attended live?

Vic: The first one I saw on film was IWA-Japan's King of the Deathmatch 1995. The first one I attended live was IWA Mid South's King of the Deathmatches 2000.

Particle Don: What was your favorite live deathmatch event? Why?

Vic: King of the Deathmatches 2001. There was 24 competitors! Nick Mondo vs Cash Flo on Night 1 was something to be seen. Ian destroyed Peter B. Beautiful, Necro and! Mondo got Irish whipped off the balcony through a light tube table. Necro and Ian used flaming tables. This event also hosted my first live 200 light tube match. Everything about KOTDM 2001 was amazing!

Particle Don: If possible, give us a list or semi-list of all the deathmatch shows you've been to!

IWA-MS King of the Deathmatches 2000-2014 (I missed '97...I didn't know about them yet, lol)
IWA-MS Double Death (I've been to all of them)
IWA-MS Queen of the Deathmatches (I've been to all of them)
IWA-MS Prince of the Deathmatches (I've been to 2)
IWA-MS Kings of the Crimson Mask (I've been to 2 or 3 of them)
IWA-MS Kings of the Extreme
SHW (Strictly Hardcore Wrestling) 3 Deathmatch Tournaments
IWA-DS Carnage Cup (I've been to 3 of them)
The entire 2001 feud of Corporal Robinson vs. "Mean" Mitch Page (This was the bloodiest feud I've ever witnessed)

I know there is more, but I can't remember.

Particle Don: Where did you first hear of Particle Don?

Vic: At the 2013 Carnage Cup.

Particle Don: What is your favorite Particle Don song?

Vic: Drake N' Bake (Naptown Mix).

Particle Don: What wrestler would you like to hear Particle Don write words for?

Vic: Dale Patricks.

Particle Don: Throughout wrestling history, what is your favorite entrance theme? Why?

Vic: Metallica - Enter Sandman (Just that experience, and Sandman coming out, is wild as fuck), Dr. Dre feat. Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz (I'm not a huge New Jack fan, but you knew some shit was about to go down when that song came on) and Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People (As soon as it hit, you knew somebody was about to get their ass kicked!)

Particle Don: What would be your dream match?

Vic: Can I do new vs. old? Sure I can...give me Matsunaga vs. Tremont, please and thank you!

Particle Don: What are some of your favorite bands?

Vic: Favorite rapper/musician of all time is Too $hort! It gets no better than that. I'm just a big fan of early 90's West Coast gangsta rap...2pac, Spice 1, E40, Goldy and Ant Banks. I also love the Geto Boyz, ICP, Twiztid, 8ball and MJG.

Particle Don: Any recommendations of specific wrestling shows or promotions we should check out? Where can we find it?

IWA Mid-South (I will represent them to my dying days)
Infinty Pro out of Bloomington, Indiana
Proving Ground Pro out of southern Illinois
STL Anarchy is super fun!
Outlaw Wrestling (The Hooligan's new company!)
Coliseum Championship Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana!

Particle Don: Any unique experiences or fan interactions you've had while attending a deathmatch event that you could never get at a normal wrestling show?

Vic: Deathmatch wrestlers (and fans) are a special breed. Any time I go to a deathmatch tourney, it is a family atmosphere. I can drive 10 minutes to IWA Mid-South, or 5 hours to IWA Deep-South, and I see the same people, and everybody knows everybody! It's like a big dysfunctional family reunion. I wouldn't change it one bit! The wrestlers tend to care about their fans more, as well.

Particle Don: What are you looking forward to with deathmatch wrestling in 2015? Do you plan on attending any shows?

Vic: I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new crop of guys can do. Patricks, Crane, etc...these guys are young and hungry. Deathmatch wrestling is in good hands, and I couldn't be happier. Plus, you still got guys like Tremont, and the returning (not to mention motivated) Nick f'n Gage! I think the genre is on an upswing like it hasn't been since the early 2000's. This year, Carnage Cup, Prince of the Deathmatches and Masters of Pain have already delivered! You can only assume King of the Deathmatches and Tournament of Death will as well! Plus, CCW is doing one in June, too. 3 tournaments in June!


As for shows, I'll be at the weekly IWA-MS shows, as long as they don't continue to do them on Sunday. I'll definitely be at King of the Deathmatches, plus the Indy Power Rankings crew will be doing commentary at the CCW tournament, so I'll be there! Not sure what else is going on, but I'm sure I'll pop up again somewhere!

Particle Don: Thanks for doing the interview. I'll see you at the next tournament!

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