Coliseum Championship Wrestling - King of the Coliseum Review by Tyler Becker

Saturday, June 6th, 2015
Evansville, Indiana

I decided to go to Coliseum Championship Wrestling's first ever deathmatch tournament. It was held to honor the late Jay Grunge. This tourney intrigued me in many ways. It featured a lineup which included many of the top deathmatch stars today.

I was also excited to visit the Coliseum. The building has a very storied wrestling history that Robert Trail knows very well. I thought a deathmatch tournament being held in that arena was epic! I was also excited to see the first ever deathmatch tournament in a six-sided ring, which is what CCW uses for all of their shows.

The venue is two and a half hours away from me, so it wasn't a long trip. When I arrived in downtown Evansville and first saw the Coliseum, I couldn't help but say "Wow!" The arena sure had a historic presence to it, and was cool-looking with all the pillars. It was an amazing venue to walk into; it's a pretty big place and was a grand setting for a deathmatch tournament.

They even had the balcony open, and a few dozen fans watched the entire tournament from up there. I went up to the balcony a few times. It was a spectacular view, but I definitely would rather sit ringside, haha. The venue was old and dirty, but was great for a deathmatch tournament. It kinda felt like a BJW show. It was a big arena with a good spotlight right above the ring. Overall, while I prefer the outdoor shows, I thought it was a good venue for a tournament. It was definitely different than anything I had ever seen a deathmatch show in before.

They had a meet & greet before the show with all the guys, which I thought was awesome. I talked to the wrestlers and picked up some merchandise. It is amazing how vicious some of the guys are in the ring, yet how friendly they are outside the ring. They had two pre-show matches which I thought was cool, although I can't even remember who won them or how they were. I was only half-paying attention to them. It was a pretty late-arriving crowd, but it was rather large by the time the actual show started. They sang the national anthem, and then the show began!

Nick Doepp vs. Andrew Hunter
(Thumbtack Madness Match)

Decent match to start off the tournament, but I can't say there was anything memorable about it. I had never seen Andrew Hunter before, but he seemed to be very popular with the Evansville locals. Nick Doepp's gimmick didn't really get over at all, the locals sure seemed to dislike him. The match featured a bag of thumbtacks and a few thumbtack bats. The local crowd was happy to see Hunter pick up the win.

JC Rotten vs. Josh Crane vs. Ron Mathis
(6 Corners of Pain Match)

Interesting matchup to say the least, considering the lead up to it. The contest featured quite the array of weapons, and I thought it was a fun match to watch, but nothing spectacular. JC Rotten was able to pull off the upset.

Dale Patricks vs. Matt Tremont
(Fans Bring the Weapons Match)

I was very much looking forward to this one. It was great to see the rising star take on the more established Tremont. I thought it was a great match as they did a good job of actually using the wide array of weapons. The ending came when Patricks was slammed onto a pile of various weapons. After the match, Tremont had some kind words for Dale and offered him his hand, but Patricks spit on him instead of shaking it, and walked off.

Reed Bentley vs. John Wayne Murdoch
(Taipei Deathmatch)

It was cool seeing the two go toe to toe, considering they are tag team partners and friends. This match was good, it reminded me a lot of the original Taipei match with the Rottens. Murdoch suplexed Reed through two tables on the outside, and got the pin.

JC Rotten vs. Andrew Hunter
(Ass in Glass Deathmatch)

This match featured many light tubes and kiddie pools filled with lemon juice and salt. The match was pretty good, as Hunter was slammed into one of the pools and many tubes were used. I hadn't seen Hunter before, but he was starting to impress me. However, Hunter got cut really bad in his upper arm/chest area.

As he exited the ring, many staff members rushed to get towels, and were surrounding him. They decided they had to end the match, and get Hunter to the hospital. It was announced that JC was going to the finals. JC got on the mic and said some heartfelt words toward Hunter. Hunter then got back in the ring and said something on the mic, but then was rushed backstage and then to the hospital. It was a scary moment that revealed the risk of this genre of wrestling. I felt bad for Hunter, as he was starting to impress me and it seemed like he wanted to make a name for himself in this tournament.

I was glad to hear that Andrew Hunter is healing and will be back at the next CCW show.

Matt Tremont vs. John Wayne Murdoch
(Get to the Point Deathmatch)

This match featured, among others, a barbed-wire board and a sick gusset plate board that Murdoch was slammed onto. At one point, Tremont went to the back, and then I heard the sound of a weed whacker! He brought it out and used it on Murdoch. John Wayne, however, ended up pulling off the victory. This was a pretty good matchup, possibly the best of the night.

Hyzaya vs. Shane Mercer
(Non-Tournament Title Match)

This one started off a little slow and boring, but then it picked up and became a great contest. Shane Mercer is a very impressive wrestler. I was really enjoying this match, but it was ruined when Derek Neal ran in and attacked everyone. The bout ended in a no contest.

John Wayne Murdoch vs. JC Rotten
(No Rope Barbed-Wire, Panes of Glass, and Electrified Light Tubes Deathmatch)

The setup for this match was over a half hour long, but I personally wasn't complaining as it built anticipation. It was cool seeing 6 sides of barbed-wire ropes.

The match wasn't spectacular, but still solid, and a good ending to a long night. JC went through several panes of glass. The ending came when they stacked two panes of glass on top of chairs on the outside of the ring. Murdoch then was able to slam Rotten through them and pick up the victory to become the first ever King of the Coliseum!

After the show, they had a trophy presentation that honored the late Jay Grunge. Murdoch got on the mic and had some kind words for JC, and then called out DJ Hyde! This was Murdoch's second tournament win, as he won Hardcore Harvest last year.

Overall, I thought this was a fine tournament. It wasn't as good as the more prestigious ones such as KOTDM and TOD, but for what it was, it was good. I think mostly it served as an appetizer for the two big tournaments going on in the month of June. What I liked most about this tournament was the matchups. I got to see several good pairings such as Tremont/Patricks, Murdoch/Bentley, Tremont/Murdoch, and more. I also loved seeing a deathmatch tournament in such a historic venue. However, I wish they would have wrestled throughout the arena more, as I have heard stories of past shows where they would brawl all around the building and even outside! It looks like they plan to do this tournament yearly, so I'll be sure to come back, as the show was a lot of fun.