Matt Tremont Interview (March 27th, 2015)

Tremont after his KOTDM 2011 win against Masada!

If you're a fan of independent wrestling, this man needs no introduction. He debuted at the IWA Deep-South Carnage Cup in 2011, and from there reached his goal of wrestling for CZW. He rose to prominence early on, headlining Cerebral on October 7th, 2011 at the ECW Arena against Brain Damage in a vicious contest. Since then he's been having hard-hitting brawls in not only CZW, but numerous federations across North America. He also operates his own regional promotion in South Jersey, On Point Wrestling, as well as run Double Stomp Video.

Masters of Pain in 2012 was his first tournament victory. He then went on to win Carnage Cup in 2013, and King of the Deathmatches in 2014. I'm lucky enough to say I was there at all of those shows. Therefore, I was eager to talk to him about his 2015 tournament schedule.

Particle Don: Your new DVD is called "Random Acts of Violence." What's it all about?

Tremont: It's a best-of compilation put out on Double Stomp Video, a company I launched last year. It has 7 matches from different federations that you might not always be able to get a hold of. It contains no CZW stuff. There's matches from feds such as Evolution Pro Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, and other miscellaneous promotions. I wanted to put stuff on there that the fans might not always get a chance to see.

Particle Don: What are a few details about your upcoming documentary?

Tremont: The initial filming is pretty much wrapped up, as of about a week ago. The original date that we were looking to have it done was March 14th, the last CZW show. The guy who is putting the documentary together, his wife went into labor, and they just had their new baby, so he was focused on that. I told him that the documentary will take care of itself; spend some time with your family.

The film is in the final phases of production and will be released before Tournament of Death. If possible, I'm looking to screen it somewhere. Regardless, the DVD will have a lot of extra bonus stuff. Hopefully it comes across well and people can see my story, from the inception of my time with the Combat Zone into now.

Particle Don: Is there any video footage of Massacre in May's Landing? (Matt's backyard show that took place before his time with CZW)

Tremont: Still, to this day, I'm trying to get the footage from my own show that I put on. The guys that I had film it, I knew them personally. They're pretty much the guys that broke me into the business. Still, to this day, one will tell me the other has the footage, and vice versa. Only one match has I think ever been released, and it was really bad quality. It was a tag match. Really, that's the only thing I guess in existence from that show. I would love to see the original footage, but I'm still fighting to get a hold of it. Time will tell if I get a hold of it. It's 7 or 8 years later, and I still don't have anything.

Particle Don: Where did you get the name Bulldozer?

Tremont: When I first broke into the business, I was called Matt Justice. I would later find out that there was another Matt Justice working the independents in the area of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. It was September 25th, 2010 that I came back into wrestling after a year or so off. I debuted with a promotion called Devastation Wrestling Federation in South Jersey.

After months of paying dues and stuff like that, I finally got an opportunity to get a spot in the show. Then, I met a gentleman named Jeffrey Kane, also known as Loudy. He was a manager on the independents. The promoters were putting us together; he was going to be my manager. He asked me "Hey kid, what's your gimmick? What's your name?" I told him. "Matt Justice". He said "That sucks. What's your real name?" I said "Matt Tremont". So, he's like "That works. You're like a bulldozer!"

At the time, my gimmick was similar to what it is now, with the flannel and bandanna and jeans. I was actually the Irish Bulldozer, because I was in an Irish "claimed" group (laughing) at the time. So, I pretty much got the name from my first initial meeting with Loudy. He looked me up and down, and saw I looked like a bulldozer I guess, and since the fall of 2010 I have been "The Bulldozer".

Particle Don: Masters of Pain is coming up in May, and it's Nick Gage's first tournament back on the scene. What are your thoughts on possibly meeting him at this event?

Tremont: A lot of people think I know the guy personally, but I've only met him once. It was back when I was on the other side of the fence, a paying fan, when I took one now I guess "infamous" picture with him.

Now, obviously, he's done his time, and he's slowly coming back into the business. There are a lot of promotions that want the match to happen. Eventually, it will. For me, personally, I'm not sure if many other promoters are aware of this yet, but I've given my word to CZW that I will only do the match for Combat Zone Wrestling. No one ever put me up to this task. Once it's finally done there, then the match can be whored out elsewhere, and we can try to make some money together. But, I mean, we'll see. You know? He's gonna get out soon, and time will tell, but other than that, I don't have much to say about the topic of Nicky. I hope he's doing well, and I'm looking forward to meeting him, and finally working with him.

Particle Don: You have some other big tournaments coming up in 2015, one of those being Coliseum Championship Wrestling's Jay Grunge 1st Annual King of the Coliseum. I'm not familiar with this promotion.

Tremont: I was contacted not too long ago by those guys. They're another promotion out in Indiana. They've actually been running for about 14 years. To my recollection, this will be my first time ever going out to work for them. June 5th, Evansville, Indiana is their first deathmatch tournament. It's got a lot of the usual Midwest guys, John Wayne Murdoch, Dale Patricks, Ron Mathis, Josh Crane and a lot of those guys are gonna be in there. It's my first time going to CCW, so it's still new to me. It looks to be a favorable and pretty solid deathmatch tournament.

Carnage Cup kicked it off. Now we've got Masters of Pain coming up, then CCW's King of the Coliseum, and you've got a tournament for CZW and one for IWA Mid-South. The deathmatch season is in full swing by the time we get to May and June.

Particle Don: Last year, you won King of the Deathmatches. However, you've never won a Tournament of Death. If you win TOD, you'd be the first to win "The Big 4": Masters Of Pain, Carnage Cup, King Of The Deathmatches and Tournament of Death. What are your thoughts on TOD 14, taking place on June 13th?

Tremont: I've been fortunate enough to, in succession, the last three years in a row, win Masters of Pain, Carnage Cup and then King of the Deathmatches. Out of "The Big 4", Tournament Of Death is the only one that eludes me when it comes to filling the trophy shelf at home. I'm looking forward to it; I think TOD is gonna be a good one this year. I think for deathmatch wrestling fans, there are a lot of good tournaments coming up. I think people will get their violent fix this summer.

Particle Don: Where did you first hear about Particle Don?

Tremont: I believe it was through Danny Havoc and the theme song that you did for him, which is still one of my favorites to this day. And, probably my wife's favorite as well. She sings the song during long road trips. The first time I heard your song, I inquired to Danny who did it, and he told me. I hoped shortly thereafter we would finally meet. The moment we did that sticks out in my mind is last year at King of the Death, when you played during intermission. I always thought that was pretty cool.

Particle Don: What's your favorite Particle Don song?

Tremont: The Danny Havoc theme. I also enjoyed the "Light Tube Magnet" song you did for me, and the Drake song. However, "Takin' big bumps on barbed-wire boards" always has a soft spot in my heart.

Particle Don: What wrestler would you like to hear Particle Don write a song for next?

Tremont: I have to think. Who's out there? I guess I'll have to go with...I'm thinking Devon Moore. I think that would be a good one, that would be cool.

Particle Don: Throughout wrestling history, what was your favorite entrance theme for any given wrestler, and why?

Tremont: Jake the Snake Roberts. I always liked his theme. I used to listen to it on loop during long car rides. It's very dark, and it made me think a lot and come up with some ideas. It would be Jake the Snake Roberts, or, you know, Raven's theme. Any ECW theme, really. I liked that "grunge" era of ECW. However, Jake the Snake Roberts was one that always stuck out, and one that I always enjoyed.

Particle Don: What are some of your favorite bands to listen to during long car rides, or whenever?

Tremont: I'm into a little bit of everything. Usually, the Mrs. has first take to what's on the radio or the iPod. She's doing most of the driving. If it's my turn, I'm an old-school rap guy, so any kind of Rakim, KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest or Nas. I really like early 90's hip-hop music. And then, if I have to turn up the volume a little bit, obviously I'll go to Metallica. I'm a big Journey fan, and also Megadeth, Nirvana...I love 90's grunge, man. I grew up watching ECW, so you know, that whole era...Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, all those bands.

Particle Don: Is the new Matt Tremont documentary coming out through Double Stomp Video?

Tremont: The documentary itself won't be, no. It will be released through the two gentlemen that approached me to do the film. I believe their company is called Moose Knuckle Productions. It will be released through their entertainment group and brand. It will probably be distributed through Double Stomp; I'll probably throw my logo on there as far as distribution. As far as anything else, it will be under their umbrella.

Particle Don: During King of the Deathmatches 2011, you were hit in the head with a Fun Noodle skewed with oversized toothpicks. The toothpicks broke, and many were lodged into your skull. Maybe you could describe what this felt like? How long did it take to get them all out? I ask this because later that night, I remember seeing how deeply they were truly embedded. The next day, I recall you saying it hurt to laugh.

Tremont's skull the night of King of the Deathmatches 2011. Click for hi-rez. Photo by Particle Don.

Tremont: I've been asked about that a lot. I usually just say it's not very pleasant. For the next year and a half, I would pull toothpicks out of my skull. I was in a bar with a couple of buddies when I finally removed the last one. I pulled an entire toothpick out of my skull. It was in there for a year and a half. It finally came out.

It was cool then; I did it once. I probably wouldn't do it, or wouldn't need to again. Toothpicks are no joke.

The infamous "Toothpick Fun Noodle", created by the IWA Mid-South fan that sat behind me at KOTDM 2011. Click for hi-rez. Photo by Particle Don.

Masada and Tremont had an insane match at KOTDM 2011.

In this shot, you can see the toothpicks sticking out of Matt's head and spine.

Masada furthered the damage with his infamous skewers.

Despite all this, Tremont came out the victor!

The toothpick bat was thrown back into the plunder pile to be used in future matches.

Bats swarm atop the Bellevue Plaza during the night of King of the Deathmatches 2011. I had the honor of viewing this sight with Scotty Vortkez and Drake Younger.

Particle Don: Will you be watching Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday?

Tremont: I sure will be! I'll be watching it with family.

Particle Don: You have all your future bookings listed on On the site, you also have "Tremont's Truths", where you talk about what's going on with yourself. As far as what's coming up for Matt Tremont in 2015, is there anything else you'd like the readers of to know?

Tremont: The only other thing that a lot of people may not know is that I do own and promote a small regional promotion is South Jersey called On Point Wrestling. We've been running for about two years now, and our next live event is April 18th in Williamstown, New Jersey (just minutes from Philly).

Besides actual in-ring experience, I've always wanted to be a part of creative, behind the scenes. I've wanted to be a part of the promoting of a product and the building of a brand. So, if you ever get a chance, if you're in the South Jersey area, come check out On Point Wrestling. Our website is

Particle Don: We wish you the best with On Point Wrestling! Thanks for your time. Have a good weekend! I'll see you at Masters of Pain!

Tremont: Awesome man, thank you brother! Take care.

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