CZW Cage of Death 17 Review by Robert Trail

Dojo Wars Pre-Show

Jeff Cannonball vs. George Gatton

Why Cannonball isn't on the main roster and doing insane deathmatches is beyond me. Nothing much to note here. Basically, Cannonball beat the crap out of Georgie Boy, and then pinned him.

"The Big Scare" Dan O'Hare vs. Beautiful Blake

Neither of these guys were all that impressive. "The Big Scare" name is funny. He looks older than he probably is, and some people were chanting "Old man" at him. Nothing much happened, and O'Hare won.

Ryan Galeone vs. Chaz Glamrock

Glamrock came out pretending to play an acoustic guitar, which was pretty funny. Galeone was a big, tall, well-built guy who looked a little like Reed Bentley in the face, with Tommy "Crimson" Mercer's body, only less muscular. The match got the first "Boring!" chant of the night. Then, out of nowhere, Galeone pulled off this insane back flip move off the ropes that honestly, I kind of missed because I was looking away. Galeone won.

Jared 120 vs. Qefka the Quiet

Jared is a magician and came out in a straight jacket. He tried to get out of it and had a VERY hard time. It was pretty sad, really. I leaned over to the guy next to me and said, "For his next act, he's gonna try to escape this building without getting killed by these fans! Hahaha!"

I hadn't seen Qefka in a while. He had more charisma then he did before, but still, he wasn't that great. When he came out and pretended to struggle with getting his cape off, it was pretty funny. There were a lot of comedy spots, but honestly, a CZW crowd isn't exactly the kind of wrestling fans to buy into pantomimes.

At one point, Qefka pulled out two chairs and set them up and pretended to put a pane of glass onto it. They both teased going through it, but then Jared slammed Qefka through it and pinned him. Qefka then pretended to pull imaginary shards of glass out of his back.

Blackwater vs. Yuta

Blackwater sure gets into his gimmick. Yuta came out with a lite-up Sub Zero (from "Mortal Kombat") mask on, so everyone was chanting "Glacier!" at him. Yuta actually wasn't all that bad and he won the match, but I can't remember how.

A small "Our future sucks!" chant broke out. Hahahaha!!!!

Curt Robinson vs. Frankie Pickard
No-Ropes Match

I have absolutely no idea why they took the ropes down! It was funny when someone yelled "You forgot the barbwire!" I guess since Robinson sort of has a high school wrestler gimmick, they wanted this match to look like Greco-Roman Wrestling or something. But honestly, it just looked like neither of them knew what to do to make the match exciting without having ropes to use. Both guys were okay, but I'd like to see them in a normal match. Robinson won.

While they put the ropes back up, Nick Berk came out and talked about how the battle royal was going to be his "first match" (gotta love Berk!) and then, Trooper Autobahn and some guy calling himself Samuel Addams came out. Joey Janela came out as well, and brought some other guy that he's calling "Bad Boy 2". For some reason, Bad Boy 2 kept chanting "SEX! SEX!" I don't know why!

Penelope Ford & Business Casual (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) vs. Gunz-a- Blazin'

Carter & McCall are the two guys that were sort of doing "The Shield" gimmick a while back. I have no idea who Gunz-a-Blazin' were. They consisted of three guys dressed as cowboys, and some red-headed chick dressed as a cowgirl.

One of the cowboys wasn't actually in the match, and was getting heckled by Steve the Cookie Guy. He got into Steve's face and ended up pushing him. To be honest, that was more interesting than anything that happened in the match.

I will say, though, that Penelope Ford was impressive and seemed to really be trying hard to do good. She ended up getting the pin on the red-headed cowgirl chick.

Conor Claxton (c) vs. Brittany Blake
2-Out-of-3 Falls

This was for the Champion of Valor medal, which is the Dojo Wars title, I guess. This was actually a pretty darn good match. The weirdest thing, though, is that Claxton has gone from being in the finals of TOD to doing this kind of match, but whatever.

They played up the fact that Claxton is about 3 times as big as Blake, but she held her own! At one point, they were brawling around the ring, and Claxton suplexed her onto a chair. The thing bent in half. It was SICK!!!!

In the last fall, Blake locked Claxton into a submission hold and he tapped out. Again...kinda weird to see the guy who made it to the finals of TOD tap out to a submission hold from a 100 lb. girl. I have to say that Blake was impressive, and I hope to get to see more of her in the future. I'd like to see Blake in a hardcore match against someone like Sage Sinn or Ludark.

Battle Royal for a spot on the Cage of Death show

I don't even know where to start here. There were so many people and so much happening in this. For some strange reason, Gregory Iron was in it! I saw him come to the ring with Ricky Shane Page, but damn, couldn't they have found someone to wrestle him on the main show? Iron is awesome!

Also, that "Libra" guy who wears a mask and a Hawaiian shirt and was supposed to be in Prince of the Deathmatches last year was there. Kit Osbourne was in it, too. I don't think I've ever seen him in person before. Dudes (and chicks) were flying all over the place and the whole thing came down to Dan O'Hare and George Gatton. In the end, Gatton won.

Cage of Death 17
Flyers Skate Zone
Voorhees, New Jersey
Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Poseidon (with the Sea Creatures) vs. Chip Day vs. Eddie Smooth vs. Conor Claxton vs. Lucky 13 vs. Desmond Xavier vs. Brittany Blake
7-Way Scramble for a spot in Best of the Best

I gotta say that I kinda like the whole Poseidon gimmick with the Sea Creatures. Also, It was cool to see Chip Day. I remember seeing him work a non-tournament match at the first Carnage Cup I attended back in 2009. Last time I saw him, he was working for CCW at the Coliseum here in Evansville.

As for the match, there was a lot of the typical "everyone takes a turn doing a dive" spots and stuff like that. Again, I was rather impressed with Blake for holding her own against all of these guys. The most impressive of the group, though, was Eddie Smooth. I don't know anything about him, but man, he was awesome and did some crazy spots.

In the end, Desmond Xavier got the pin on (I think) Chip Day for the win. Later in the show, I was talking to some people who were asking who the heck this Xavier guy is and apparently, he's a young dude from Ohio who was trained by Dave Crist. All in all, a good, strong way to start off the show.

Next, Maven Bentley came out and brought out some Marines for the Toys for Tots thing. They all stood in the ring while they played a punk rock version of the "Star-Spangled Banner", which was really long and rather awkward.

Joey Janela (c) vs. Lio Rush
Wired Title Match

All I can say about this match is HOLY SHIT!!! It was pure awesome!

Rush looked so good and all of his moves were smooth and crisp. Janela looked just as good and was as suicidal as ever. There were so many big spots! At one point, Rush hit a 'rana on Janela on the ring apron, but the biggest, scariest, most suicidal move of the match was when Rush did a straight-up, standard, old-fashioned vertical suplex on Janela from the ring apron, straight down to the cushions.....they hit nothing but concrete floor. "HOLY SHIT!" and "THIS IS AWESOME!" chants broke out...and it was awesome!

There was lots of back-and-forth action. At one point, Janela had Rush sitting in a chair and he went to the top to do a swanton, but Rush moved, and Janela landed HARD onto the chair, bending it in half.

In the end, Janela had Rush locked into a crossface, but Rush rolled him over and pinned him, winning the match and the Wired title. OH MY GOD! This was one of the best live matches I've ever seen (no kidding!) and count me as a HUGE fan of both of these guys! To me, this was, by far, the match of the night.

The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. The Amazing Gulaks (Drew & Rory Gulak)

I think the most amazing thing about the Gulaks is that Rory actually looks more like a real wrestler now then he ever did when he was trying to be Nick Mondo and Drew used to be the CZW champ and now, he's doing this rather silly gimmick. In all honesty though, this match was a LOT better than I expected it to be.

A lot of the tandem moves that the Gulaks were doing were...well...Amazing! And then, the Beaver Boys mocking the whole "Amazing" thing was fun as well. The biggest move came when Rory was standing on Drew's shoulders and then did a dive onto both of the Boys. In the end, Rory got the pin on Reynolds for the win. Solid match!

Greg Excellent (with Chrissy Rivera) vs. Tony Nese

This whole thing with Greg being a "serious wrestler" now wasn't over and probably never will be. They've tried to make him a heel in the past and it's NEVER worked.

Nese looked awesome, as always, and to be perfectly honest, they worked a "serious" match. Nese did the best he could and Greg, while he sure didn't look "good", looked as well as he could and tried to be "serious" about it all. In the end, Greg got the win and then made a motion that he wants the CZW title. Obviously, the CZW fans weren't buying any of this and of course, this match wasn't great, by any means...but, I have to say that once again, it wasn't quite as bad as I expected.

George Gatton vs. DJ Hyde

Gatton came out acting as though he didn't know who his opponent was going to be. Then, DJ's music hit and he came out in that goofy, long coat thing he's been wearing lately.

Again, not a great match, but I didn't expect it to be. They brawled around the ring and did big chop spots on each other. Back in the ring, DJ hit Gatton with several big moves and it looked as though the match was going to be nothing more than a squash. But then, somehow, Gatton rolled up DJ and got a quick pin on him. Again, nothing great, but you've got to hand it to DJ for putting Gatton over.

BLK JEEZ & Pepper Parks (with Cherry Bomb) vs. Dan Berry & Sozio (c) (with Dick Justice)
CZW Tag Title match

When Berry came out, he announced that Bill Carr wasn't there for "personal reasons" and that Sozio was replacing him. The crowd was REALLY heckling Berry and I've heard that's been the case for the last several months.

Cherry Bomb is really entertaining. She made a move as if she was going to hit Dick Justice and the crowd started chanting "CHERRY WANTS DICK!!!" and her reaction was priceless. All four of the guys in the match worked hard together but then, Sozio went to the top rope and went for a big drop kick but ended up hitting the referee, Dan Yost.

Justice and Cherry got into the ring. Cherry then pulled off her arm brace and gave everyone low blows and then, JEEZ got the pin on Berry. JEEZ and Pepper are the new CZW tag champs. After the match, the crowd was REALLY heckling Berry again and he went (legit) nuts. Honestly, I doubt we'll be seeing Team Tremendous in CZW anymore.

Tim Donst vs. Joe Gacy
I Quit Match

Donst was the first in the ring and before anyone knew it, Gacy hit the ring and the fight was ON! Man, this one got VERY hardcore too! They brawled around the ring. Chairs and belts were used. Gacy pulled out a chair covered in barbed wire and put in the ring between two other chairs. Donst took the spot on the wire and was bleeding pretty good.

Barbed wire boards were used and Donst was bleeding from his arms and his head. At one point, Donst pulled out a guardrail from under the ring that was wrapped in barbed wire and put it between the real guard rail and the apron of the ring. They teased each of them going into it but then, Donst got Gacy up in a Death Valley Driver and dropped Gacy onto it and the thing literally folded in half. Neither guy would say I Quit!

Gacy then took Donst to the "stage" behind me where the hard cam was set up. He pulled the announcer's table up under it and before he could drop Donst onto it, Donst grabbed the mic and screamed "OK...OK...I QUIT!" Gacy still grabbed Donst and threw him off of the stage and onto the table anyway. It was an awesome match!

Danny Havoc vs. Rickey Shane Page
Ultraviolent Deathmatch

For this one, they removed the middle rope, replaced it with barbed-wire and then wrapped wire around the other ropes. There was also carpet strips placed on one side of the ring. Even though this was just a random deathmatch, Page was really, really over with the fans, which he should have been!

They brawled around the ring and both guys went into the wire. They were really bleeding and there was a lot of big spots. Panes of glass were used and in the end, a pane of glass was placed between two chairs, and Havoc dropped Page through it for the pin and the win. Once Page got up, he was bleeding buckets all over the place! Him and Havoc shook hands and then, Page asked for one more match.

I've seen these two guys go at it several times now (all the way back to Carnage Cup in 2009 when it was Havoc vs. Christian Faith) and these two always have good matches against each other. This was one of them, too.

David Starr vs. Sami Callihan

Starr came out first and was cutting a promo on Sami. Sami then ran out and the fight was ON!!! These two guys beat the living SHIT out of each other! Sami looked as though he had never even left, pulling off all the same moves he was doing originally. I'm guessing he didn't get to do most of those moves when he was in WWE.

At one point, he threw Starr into the crowd and at some point, Sami was bleeding from the mouth. To Starr's credit, he took everything Sami gave him, which was one hell of a beating. In the end, Sami locked on the stretch muffler and Starr was out. Sami got the win.

After the match, Sami put Starr over on the mic and then, Johnathon Gresham came out and started cutting a promo on Sami. Next thing you knew, Starr attacked Sami and him and Gresham left together. It was cool to see Sami again and I'm glad he's back in the indies, where he really belongs.

Matt Tremont (c) vs. AR Fox vs. Devon Moore vs. Masada
Cage of Death match for the CZW Title

The cage set up this year wasn't anything too different, mostly just a "normal" cage on two sides with a scaffold on one side and the other angled out with a pane of glass in the middle.

Rather quickly in the match, Masada threw Fox through the pane of glass and his shoulder was all cut up and bleeding. Moore and Tremont were fighting on the scaffold, but Moore kicked him off and he fell through a barbed-wire board, and was bleeding buckets.

For a while, Tremont was down and out, and the other three fought. At one point, Masada dropped Moore through another pane of glass, which came off as kind of weird. It took Moore out for a little while. Tremont pulled out a bundle of light tubes and slid them through the cage, into the ring.

Back inside, Tremont and Fox were fighting, when Fox got Tremont on the top rope and hit the "Lo-Mang Pang" (or whatever it's called) on Tremont through the light tubes. Somewhere in all of this, Masada and Moore took bumps off the scaffold and took each other out.

Fox then set up a table with two chairs on it and put a pane of glass on the chairs. He rolled Tremont under it and climbed the scaffold. Tremont got up and followed him. The crowd started chanting "PLEASE DON'T DIE!" and Tremont picked up Fox and did a sidewalk slam off the scaffold, through the glass and table. He then pinned Fox. When Fox came up, his back was shredded and for some strange reason, the cuts and his blood looked pink, which was kinda weird and creepy. In the end, Tremont put everyone over on the mic and that was that.

All in all, this was a really strong Cage of Death show, and one of the better ones I've attended. Honestly, while there were some slower moments during the show, I can't say there was any one thing that completely sucked and was terrible. My favorite matches of the night were:

Janela vs. Rush
Donst vs. Gacy
Havoc vs. Page
Sami vs. Starr
Cage of Death match