IWA Mid-South - "This is the Main Event" by Robert Trail

New Albany, Indiana
Sunday, June 7th, 2015

JC Rotten vs. Dale Patricks

Not a terrible match, but it was obvious that both guys were feeling (and showing) the effects of the CCW tournament the night before. This was a rather quick match, with Patricks getting the win. After the contest, Patricks cut a promo about being the Prince of the Deathmatch, and how what he just did to JC was what he was going to do to everyone in King of the Deathmatch.

Malcolm Monroe 3 vs. Thunderkitty

Monroe was a young, short guy. He started the match by calling Kitty "Grandma". The match was solid, and both of them looked good. Monroe pulled off some nice quick moves, and Kitty was tough like usual. In the end, Kitty got the win, but I thought Monroe looked decent. After the match, Ian said that Monroe is a third-generation wrestler, so hopefully he'll keep getting better. I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

Gunner Franks vs. J.J (?) vs. Braxton (?)

I have actually seen Franks before. He used to work IWA-U shows in Olney, Illinois a few years ago. I hadn't seen him in a while, and he's really gotten himself in shape. Braxton was a tall, young guy who Ian said was trained by Tyler "Seth Rollins" Black and Marek Brave. I'm not sure who J.J. was or where he came from, but he was awesome! All three of them worked pretty well, but it was J.J. who really stole the match with some crazy high-flying moves. In the end, he got the win when he pinned Franks.

Corp. Robinson (w/ Randi West and Chris Hatler) vs. Joseph Schwartz

This was supposed to be a "tar and feather" match, but Ian announced at the beginning of the show that Schwartz's lawyer wouldn't let that happen. It was still a Fans as the Lumberjacks with Straps match.

There was a raffle for who would get to be the lumberjacks. Mitch Page ended up being one of the lumberjacks. The match was alright but again, nothing too special. Corp. got thrown out of the ring, and Mitch was the only one to hit him with the strap. Schwartz got thrown out a couple of times and was strapped. In the end, Corp. hit three Boot Camps on Schwartz and pinned him. After the match, Corp. was obviously hurt and was screaming out in pain and had to be helped to the back.

Matt Tremont vs. Kathy "The Butcher" Owens

Man, oh man....all I can say about this match is it was BRUTAL! The contest started with some stiff shots back and forth. They went out of the ring, and Tremont threw her into some chairs twice. Then he started throwing chairs on top of her like The Necro Butcher. He also hit Kathy with a nasty chair shot, but to her credit, she took it. I have to admit that I've seen some "normal" matches of hers and she can be a little sloppy, but as a brawler, Owens is awesome!

The match ended up back into the ring and at one point, Matt said, "Let's do this the way Mickie and Ian used to!" They started trading some of the most disgusting headbutts I've ever seen or heard. Ian then came to the ring and said, "You don't have to do this. You can stop." Kathy screamed, "I DON"T WANNA FUCKING STOP!" and they went back to headbutting each other.

Tremont got her down and put a chair on top of her and did a Vader Bomb into a pinfall attempt, but she kicked out. At this point, Thunderkitty and Randi West came out, and Kitty tried to attack Tremont while West distracted the referee. Owens rolled up Tremont, but he kicked out and then hit Owens with a huge death valley driver for the win. Really awesome match!

After the match, Tremont started talking about how he wants to be the first to win King of the Deathmatch back-to-back. Ian got on the mic and talked about how Matt had been in the CCW tournament the night before, TOD the next week and then, KOTDM two weeks after that. He said that honestly, he didn't think Tremont could do it, and said that the only way he saw Tremont doing it was to pull out of TOD next week. During this, Dale Patricks came out and stared face-to-face with Tremont. All in all, it was a really good segment after a really good match.

Matt Cage vs. Owen Travers vs. Zodiak (w/ Jason Saint) vs. Reed Bentley vs. John Wayne Murdoch

This was an Opportunity in a Box match, in which two poles were put in the corners, and a rope was strung from one side to the other with a box hanging in the middle. It was also an elimination match.

All five guys looked awesome and worked hard. There were several dives onto everyone on the outside. I hadn't seen Matt Cage in a while, and he looked great. He's come a long way since I first saw him in 2009, and he was a slightly over-weight guy with a golfer gimmick. Travers is quite impressive, too. Murdoch hit a flip piledriver off the ropes on Travers, and he was the first eliminated. Zodiak was the next to go by being pinned by Cage. Then, Cage was eliminated, which left the match as just Bentley vs. Murdoch.

They went at it hard. They beat the living crap out of each other. Two ladders were used, and all but destroyed. In the end, Bentley set up one of the ladders, climbed up and got the box. He then cut a huge, tearful promo where he was saying that he didn't know if he could keep cleaning up Ian's messes. I'm not totally sure what that was all about, but mostly, it was about JC's apology to Ian for what he did to him.

So even though the promo at the end was a little weird, the match was awesome. I'd say it was the match of the night, only slightly beating out the Tremont/Owens match.

Hyzaya vs. Shane Mercer

This was for the IWA World Heavyweight title. The match started off rather similar to the match Hyzaya and Mercer had the night before at CCW. It was kinda slow, but seemed a bit faster-paced than their CCW encounter. Of course, Mercer hit some awesome, quick moves.

But then, things took a turn for the worse. Both guys were on the top rope and were trying to get into position. Hyzaya hit a scary-looking reverse 'rana, and Mercer landed on the top of his head. It was very nasty, and Mercer was obviously hurt. Hyzaya started saying things like, "This isn't worth it. Just stop. Don't do this." Mercer was moving his hands and it seemed as though he had lost feeling in his hands and legs. Hyzaya tried to pin him, but Mercer kicked out.

Ian came down and talked to Mercer. Ian said, "You're going to have to beat him. He's not going to stop." JC Rotten also came down and said, "Think about what happened to Andy last night. You've got a lot to look forward to in this business." Hyzaya then pinned him tightly and didn't allow him to kick out. Hyzaya was pissed. JC said, "You did what you had to do." Hyzaya jumped out of the ring and kicked the chair right next to me. He was walking around saying "This isn't worth it. Not like this."

Ian, JC, some of the ring guys and John Wayne Murdoch were all checking on Mercer. Ian then ran and grabbed a neck brace and put it on Mercer. Mercer then got up, and with a lot of help, got out of the ring and walked to the back. What an intense moment, that's for sure.

Before I left, I said goodbye to Matt Tremont and said I was looking forward to seeing him at TOD next week. As I was driving away, I went around the block and saw Hyzaya sitting on the steps of another building with Chris Hatler. He was just staring off into space.

Again, I can't say that was the greatest wrestling show ever, but it was still a very solid show that I enjoyed very much. Next for me is TOD this coming weekend, and then, KOTDM two weeks after that. Good times ahead!