Coliseum Championship Wrestling - King of the Coliseum Review by Robert Trail

Evansville, Indiana
Saturday, June 6th, 2015

The show started with two pre-show matches. The first was a multi-man battle royal match that featured mostly local guys. It came down to Chad Rockman and Daniel Eads. This was my first time seeing Eads, and he's pretty good. Rockman ended up winning.

Next, a young guy came out and was attacked from behind by Big Zo. Zo, rather unsafely dropped the young guy from the entrance ramp, and he fell with a sickening thud. Zo then got on the mic and cut a monster heel promo and challenged anyone to a match.

This brought out Aiden Blackheart, and the two big guys went at it. It was quite sloppy and kinda scary at times, because both guys were taking what looked like some unsafe bumps. I think Blackheart got the win. I'm not sure, but after the match, Zo attacked the ref and dropped him with a nasty piledriver. Blackheart and Zo then brawled their way to the back.

On to the tournament!


JC Rotten (w/ Jason Saint and Sabrina Sixx) vs. Josh Crane vs. Ron Mathis
(6 Corners of Pain Match)

This was a good brawl that went all around the ring. One of the weapons was a barbed-wire board, and they set it up outside the ring against the guardrail. During the brawling, Mathis suplexed Rotten into the board. While he was stuck in the wire, Crane and Mathis fought in the ring. At one point, a bucket of broken glass was dumped in the ring. As Crane and Mathis fought, Rotten recovered, slipped in the ring and got a quick pin on (I think) Crane.

Matt Tremont vs. Dale Patricks
(Fans Bring the Weapons Match)

As usual with fans bring the weapons, there was all kinds of crazy stuff in the ring. I had high hopes for this match, and it lived up to them very well. They used almost every weapon that was in the ring. Of course, at one point, Patricks ended up with his singlet pulled down. But still, the match lived up to all the hype.

At one point, a guitar was smashed over Patricks' head and he then fell off the ring and onto a ironing board. There was even a Shake Weight used during the match. In the end, Tremont piled up a bunch of the broken weapons in the middle of the ring and powerbombed Patricks on top of them for the win.

After the match, Tremont got on the mic and put over Patricks as the future of deathmatch wrestling. He then gave Patricks the mic and when Tremont tried to shake his hand, Patricks spit on him and left the ring in a huff. Great match! My pick for match of the night!

Reed Bentley vs. John Wayne Murdoch
(Taipei Deathmatch)

Before the contest, Bentley cut a promo about how they're tag partners and friends, but that they wanted to prove who is the better deathmatch wrestler. They really tore into each other and brawled around the ring, cutting up each other's foreheads and arms with the broken glass. At one point, a cooler full of broken beer bottle glass was dumped into the ring. Later on in the match, Bentley hit a Pepsi Plunge off the ropes, but Murdoch kicked out. In the end, they were both brawling on the ring apron, and Murdoch hit a Russian leg sweep off the ring onto two tables and pinned Bentley. Great match!


JC Rotten (w/ Jason Saint and Sabrina Sixx) vs. Andrew Hunter
(Light Tubes, Pools of Lemon Juice and Salt Match)

Before the contest, Saint cut a promo which was, in some ways, almost a face promo. This was interesting considering how big a heel he is in IWA. A few minutes into the fight, the match was going well. At one point, they were brawling outside the ring, and Sabrina Sixx got involved. She threw Hunter into the guardrail. JC then slammed Hunter into one of the pools with a light tube across the top of it.

However, the next spot is where things went wrong. JC had Hunter sitting in the corner, and put some of the skinny light tubes against his side. He then ran at him and did a cannonball roll onto the tubes. The tubes popped, but in the process, Hunter got cut really bad. JC threw him out of the ring quickly, and started yelling to security to check him. It was obvious something was very wrong. For what I saw, it looked as though Hunter got stabbed in the side of his chest, and he was bleeding buckets. It looked as though he was passing out from the blood loss.

JC was talking to someone at the side of the ring, and was crying. He then got on the mic and said that Hunter was one of his best friends. With help, Hunter got back into the ring and tried to cut a promo as well, but looked to be passing out. He was helped to the back and taken to the hospital. JC was declared the winner.

Matt Tremont vs. John Wayne Murdoch
(Barbed Wire Boards and Gusset Plate Boards)

In a some ways, this match was kind of like the finals for EPW's Hardcore Harvest from last October.

Both guys fought hard, obviously, and the match was good. At one point, Tremont hit a death valley driver onto the gusset plates. At another point, Tremont went to the back and came out with a weed whacker. He hit Murdoch with it, but didn't get the pin. Murdoch finally got Tremont trapped in his finishing submission hold, like at the Hardcore Harvest, and Tremont tapped out. Both guys shook hands and showed each other respect. This was a really solid match from two of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the business.

Hyzaya vs. Shane Mercer

This non-tournament match was a title vs. title, with Hyzaya defending the CCW championship and Mercer defending the CCW Tri-State title. It was a decent match, but the pace of it was very slow. There were so many headlocks and rest hold-type moves. However, when things picked up, they really picked up, and Mercer looked awesome as always. Nothing really stood out as spectacular, but there was nothing too bad, either. In the end, Derrick Neal ran in and attacked both guys, and the match was thrown out.


John Wayne Murdoch vs. JC Rotten
(No Rope Barbed-Wire Deathmatch)

It took them forever to set up the barbed-wire ropes. JC came out without Sabrina Sixx this time. There were also light tubes and panes of glass used in this match. At one point, Murdoch had JC sitting in the corner, and put a pane of glass in front of him. He hit the glass pane with a chair. There was also an electrified light tube gimmick, but the tubes were too deep inside the fixture and wouldn't break.

Then, Murdoch cut down the wire right in front of us. He set up chairs and put a pane of glass onto it. When he got back into the ring, JC took him down. Then JC jumped out, put more chairs on top of the glass and another pane of glass on top of that. He climbed back into the ring. The two of them fought on the edge of the ring. Murdoch ended up knocking JC off the ring and right through both panes of glass. I got hit with broken glass really hard (no complaints, I knew what was going to happen). If I had been wearing shorts, my legs would have probably been shredded.

Murdoch quickly jumped down and pinned JC for the win. As Murdoch got back into the ring to get his trophy, JC was laying in front of me. Whenever he opened his eyes, they were rolling around in his head.

During the post-match promos, Murdoch and Bentley challenged CCW legends Viper (not the guy from IWA-EC) and Anthony Blaze to come out of retirement and have one more match against them. After that, Murdoch got on the mic again, and talked about how he wanted to be in CZW's Tournament of Death, but DJ Hyde wouldn't book him. He then challenged DJ to come to Evansville and face him at the Coliseum. Bentley then made the same challenge and said that DJ could bring in anyone from CZW, which made me think of the awesome possibility of Bentley and Murdoch vs. DJ Hyde and Nick Gage happening in Evansville. I don't know if that will ever happen, but if it does, I'll be in the front row, for sure!

Murdoch also hinted to the fact that he might show up at Tournament of Death next week. So....we'll see if that happens. It'll be awesome if it does! Juicy Jimmy also announced that they plan to do this tournament again next year.

Particle Don edit: At past TODs, I've heard lots of fans say they want to see John Wayne Murdoch in the Ultraviolent Underground.

All in all, this was a fun show, and a pretty darn good deathmatch tournament. I won't say it was the best ever, but it certainly wasn't the worst, either.