Spring Heat 2015 Review by Robert Trail

Before the show started, Ian came out and spoke. Then, JC Rotten entered the ring and apologized for all the bad things he's done lately. Ian (and the fans) really didn't seem to care much, and the whole segment was a bit awkward.

Fat Tony vs. Sgt. X (?) vs. Some dude with a mustache

Very sloppy match. I think I've seen the guy with the mustache before, but I'm not sure. The Sgt. X guy was okay, especially compared to the other two. Sgt. X won.

Dewey Barnes vs. Mikey McFinnigan vs. Owen (?)

Pretty good three-way match. The Owen guy (I didn't catch his last name) was impressive, and seemed to win over the crowd a bit. He kinda reminded me of ACH. Nothing of real note happened, but I gotta say that Barnes is pretty darn entertaining. I popped for him coming out to Strokin' by Clarence Carter! Barnes won the match.

JC Rotten (w/ Jason Saint) vs. Adam Bueller

Before the match, JC fired Saint. Bueller climbed up on the ropes and got some cheap heel heat. The match itself wasn't great, but not too bad, really. As much as I almost hate to say it, JC is still a bit green. However, he is getting better, and very believable as a real wrestler, and not just "Ian's kid". At one point, they did a spot where JC was holding Bueller and letting fans chop him. Donna got a pretty darn good chop in on him. JC won with a "Rotten Rush" off the ropes.

Kathy "The Butcher" Owens vs. Heidi Lovelace

Fairly sloppy match, actually. There was some brawling around the ring and stuff like that. It was okay, but nothing great. Heidi won after rolling Owens up. The ref counted three, even though her shoulder was obviously up. Lots of heat for the ref after that.

Next, Ian came out and announced that King of the Deathmatch was happening at the Legion in Charlestown, Indiana. He also announced more names for Queen of the Deathmatch. I'll try to remember them all: Ludark, Randi West, Mistress Burgandi, Rebecca Payne, Kathy Owens and some girl from California who is the daughter of Supreme (the XPW guy). I don't think he announced anyone else.

Dale Patricks & Ace Perry vs. John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley

Solid match that went back and forth. During the match, it did start raining a little, but at least the rain brought a cool breeze, which was greatly appreciated. Nothing of real note happened in the match until the end. Ace was on the outside and Bentley and Murdoch hit a flip piledriver/powerbomb combo move off the top rope on Patricks for the win.
After the match, Patricks asked Perry where he was, forgave him, and they hugged. Then, he turned on Perry and attacked him. Bentley and Murdoch ran back out, and Patricks took both of them out as well. He then cut a monster heel promo about all three of them, which was cool since Patricks doesn't seem to say much of anything.

Sugar Dunkerton vs. "Iron Demon" Shane Mercer

I hadn't seen Dunkerton in person in a long, long time, so it was cool to see him again. The match started off with some Chikara-esque comedy spots, which Dunkerton is great at doing. But once the match got going, it was pretty darn good. Mercer looked like a beast (as usual), and Dunkerton took all of Mercer's power moves perfectly and got in a few shots of his own. Mercer went for his fallaway slam off the ropes, but Dunkerton got away. Then, a bit later, Dunkerton went for a cross-body off the ropes and Mercer caught him (and Sugar isn't a small man!) and then lifted him up onto the ropes and hit the fallaway slam for the win.
Really awesome match actually, and I'd even go so far as to say it was the match of the night. After the contest, Ian came out and put over Mercer's video for Tough Enough and said that he deserves it if things work out for him. I totally agree. Ian then said that Mercer would get a title match against the winner of Kongo Kong vs. Viking.

The Hooligans vs. The Viking War Party (Jake Purnell & Frank Wyatt)

Really fun brawl that went out into the crowd pretty early. They all did a bar room brawl punch-out spot and then Jake climbed up onto the U-Haul truck and jumped off onto everyone. That kid seems pretty fearless about jumping off high things, that's for sure. And it's always amazing to me to see how for Wyatt has come from back in the days when I used to see him sitting in the crowd of IWA-U shows in Olney, IL and at IPW shows in Indianapolis.
Once the match got back into the ring, it seemed as though The Hooligans really took over and beat both of the Vikings down. One of them got the pin on Purnell. After the match, Wyatt attacked both of them and both Vikings beat them down. Both teams sure looked impressive. As it's been said so many times, why The Hooligans aren't being used in places like CZW is beyond me. It seems like CZW's tag teams are so stagnant right now, and the Hooligans are exactly what would breathe new life into it.

Joseph Schwartz & Zodiak (w/ Randi West & Jason Saint) vs. Corp. Robinson & "Mean" Mitch Page

West has a knee injury and was on crutches. The match was a total brawl, and as brawls go, it was a good one. Schwartz and Robinson never really mixed it up, which kinda keeps their feud going. Corp and Zodiak brawled around to the back of the building. Schwartz kept asking West for the pipe he brings to the ring, but she wouldn't give it to him. Then, she hit him with it by accident and Page pinned him. After the match, Schwartz attacked West and gave her a wicked clothesline. Page saved her.

Kongo Kong (w/ Rodney Rush) vs. American Viking
(IWA Heavyweight Title match)

This was a really physical and hard-hitting brawl. To be honest, both of these guys were almost doing more high-flying moves then just about anyone else on the whole show. The craziest spot was when Viking superplexed Kong off the top rope. How the ring can handle something like that is beyond me.
The match ended with Kong hitting a cross body off the ropes onto Viking for the win. I gotta say that I agree with what some people say, that Kong's title run is getting a bit stale and it's time to put the belt on someone else. But, with that being said, watching a guy Kong's size pull off all these high-flying moves without killing himself or anyone else is pretty darn impressive. So, it'll be Mercer vs. Kong for the title at the next show.