High Risk Wrestling - Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer Review by Robert Trail
Belleville, Illinois (12/28/2014)
Review by Robert Trail

I went to a wrestling show in Belleville, Illinois yesterday. It's a small town near St. Louis. The company is called High Risk Wrestling and even though they only ran 7 matches, almost all of them were indy dream matches.

Moose defeated Tony Kozina, Christian Rose and Blake Steel in a 4-way match. Moose is an ex-football player who works for ROH now. He was actually fairly impressive and did a couple of high-flying moves which was amazing considering his size. I'm guessing he'll be in WWE in the next year or so.

Johnathan Gresham beat Arik Cannon. Really awesome match in which both guys were going back and forth, until Gresham faked an injury and turned hell on Cannon.

Chuck Taylor beat Jigsaw. You could tell these guys are friends and were having fun out there. Typical, Chikara-style match you'd expect from them. Good, but nothing special.

Then, they did this thing with Bobby Eaton where he came out and was going to have a new Midnight Express. He brought out two young guys named "Tenacious" Tyler Cook & "Bad" Bradley Charles (local guys, I guess) and they had a match against Mike Sydal and Bolt Brady. It was a typical 1980's Memphis, "Rock and Roll Express vs. Midnight Express" style match. But, during the match, when Brady went for the hot tag to Sydal, he turned on Brady and joined Eaton's group and did a three-way beatdown on Brady, until Moose came out with a guy called Magic Man (he's one of the promoters, I think) and made the match a six-man tag. The Express got the win when one of them pinned Brady.

ReDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) beat The Colony (Fire and Silver Ant) to win the HRW tag belts. Match of the night, BY FAR!!! Honestly, that was one of the best straight-up wrestling matches I've seen all year. So much was going on and everything was so fast-paced and high-impact. I can't even tell you everything they did, but it was just an awesome match.

Michael Elgin and Uhaa Nation ended in a bullshit "no contest". The match was really good but then Bobby Eaton and his new trio came out and screwed it all up. Elgin just left and then, Moose came out again but then turned on Nation, joined Eaton's group and did a really stiff chokeslam on Magic Man. During all of this too, a guy named Frank (the main promoter) got in the ring and Moose held him while Eaton cut his hair. Terrible way to end a great match.

ACH defeated Ricochet to retain the HRW title in the main event. Great match, but not as much high-flying stuff as you would have expected from these two.

During the intermission, I bought Elgin's SMV "Best of the Indies" DVD. He signed it for me and I overheard him say that this was his last non-ROH indy show. He was a very soft-spoken, nice guy.

They did film the show and said something about it being available for download on the net, but I don't know where. If you get a chance, check this show out. I recommend it.

Particle Don edit: buy the DVD HERE.