Prince of the Deathmatches 2015 Review by Robert Trail

The show was pretty awesome! In some ways, it was almost a better deathmatch tournament than Carnage Cup. Here's what happened:

Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch vs. The Hooligans

AWESOME match!!!! Bentley and Murdoch won.

JC Rotten vs. Kerry Awful
(Barbed-Wire Boards match)

They had one of the boards in the corner, in front of me, so I couldn't see a darn thing. As far as I know, this was Awful's first ever deathmatch. He was filling in for a guy who didn't make it. Awful is part of Team IOU. He did well enough, but the match itself wasn't that great. JC won.

American Viking vs. Kathy "The Butcher" Owens

Kathy was a last-minute replacement for Lee Byford who had a death in his family and couldn't make the show. This match was AWESOME!!!! Viking beat the crap out of her and won the match. After it was over, Ian announced Queen of the Deathmatches happening on KOTDM weekend, and said that Owens would participate! She deserves it, for sure!

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ace Perry
(Loser Leaves Town)

Awesome match!!! They did a whole spot where Perry pinned Jimmy and he had his foot on the ropes, and there were ref bumps and all that. In the end, Perry won. Jimmy then cut a HUGE promo which ended with him announcing that after this month, he's retiring from wrestling! This was for real too because Ian gave him a tearful hug and all the guys in the back came out and gave him an ovation. Man, it sucks to see him go because was always fun to watch in person. Actually, I just looked it up and apparently, he's gotten signed by WWE as some kind of a "creative" position. Good for him!

Kongo Kong vs. Zodiak

This was a surprisingly good match. Kongo didn't just squash him. Kongo took quite a beating. At one point, Zodiak hit him with some VERY stiff heart punches. In the end though, Kongo did a dive off the top rope and pinned him. Also, Rodney Rush hit Jason Saint with one of the most wicked chair shots I've ever seen!

Dale Patricks vs. Adam Bueller
(Light Tube and Thumbtack Pits)

Nasty match. Both guys were bleeding buckets. In the end, Patricks won. Bueller got cut REALLY bad on his nipple.

Mikey McFinnegan vs. Nick Doepp
(Tables, Ladders and Tubes)

Doepp did this whole "I'm a sports entertainer!" gimmick. Mikey really beat the crap outta him and it was good. I'm starting to really like Mikey! Mikey won when he put him through a barbwire table. Fun match!

Next, Corp. Robinson came out and cut a promo about Joseph Schwartz and apparently, he's got some kind of program going with Bentley & Murdoch now too. He challenged anyone to come out and one of the ring crew guys pulled his shirt off and got in the ring. Corp. beat the SHIT out of him and then, Ian and Hyzaya came out to stop him.

JC Rotten vs. Dale Patricks
(Electrified Light Tube match)

Good match! JC beat the hell outta him and even raped him with broken light tubes, like Crane did to him at Carnage Cup. I REALLY don't want to ever see that spot ever again! Hahaha!!! In the end, Patricks got the win.

Mikey McFinnegan vs. American Viking
(Fans Bring the Weapons)

Gotta hand it to Viking, he took all kinds of crazy stuff. In the end, Mikey won.

Mikey McFinnegan vs. Dale Patricks
(No Rope Barbed Wire, Light Tubes and Gusset Plate Board match)

NASTY match! Patricks came down on a crutch and was really over-selling. Mikey then beat the SHIT out of him. They brawled all over the place. They actually didn't get in the ring too much and in the end, Patricks hit a piledriver onto a barbed wire board and pinned him for the win. After the match, Patricks thanked Ian and was literally crying his eyes out. All in all, a VERY decent show!