Jeff Cannonball

Drew McKenzie

Gene Jackson ($10 Dollar Rasslin' commentator)

"Spyder" Nate Webb

Nick Maniwa

Randi West

Vic Philpot

Kevin Brannen

Davey Vega

October 2015

Kevin Gill

Gregory Iron (Professional Wrestler)

Xylot (these guys appreciate classic wrestling themes)

Drake Younger Fanpage

Jeremy Nickerson (Deathmatch Superfan)

Eric Montgomery (IWA Mid-South sound guy and independent DJ)

Hector (Spanish man from my work)

"All Ego" Ethan Page

Matt Tremont (Cage of Death 14 Winner)

Drake Younger (International Wrestling Superstar)

Drake had sent my brother this message

Danny Havoc (Living Deathmatch Legend)

Yuki Kasai from Japan (Deathmatch Superfan)

Sinn Bodhi

Geroge Gatton

Denver Colorado

A German wrestling fan uploaded the Danny theme to YouTube!

A YouTube user attempted to decipher the Danny lyrics.