Eric Ryan Interview (October 2015)

Eric Ryan competes in CZW, AIW, Rockstar Pro and Olde Wrestling, among many other promotions.

Particle Don: Where and when did you train to be a wrestler?

Eric Ryan: Mega Championship Wrestling school, around 2005.

Particle Don: What made you decide to become a wrestler? How old were you?

Eric Ryan: I always loved it. It called to me. I was just turning 21 when I started to train.

Particle Don: What's it like to bleed during a match?

Eric Ryan: It's hard to see. Blood really blurs your vision.

Adam LaPorta is shocked at the amount of blood pouring from Eric's forehead during an AIW match.

Particle Don: Growing up, who were a few of your favorite wrestlers?

Eric Ryan: Rick Martel, Mr. Perfect and The Bushwhackers.

Particle Don: What are your thoughts on the recent VOW tournament? How was the experience?

Eric Ryan: Some of it was enjoyable. My frustration for a few things can be seen on the video. It was the first time they've put on something like that, so for them it's a work in progress.

Particle Don: Who was your first deathmatch against? What promotion was it?

Eric Ryan: I don't consider anything "hardcore" a deathmatch. I would say my first official one would be Tangled Web against NOI.

The aftermath of Eric's Tangled Web match

Particle Don: What was it like working for CZW for the first time? What show was it?

Eric Ryan: It was January of 2012, I believe. The show was called "Ascension" and I wrestled my now stable mates, Dave and Jake Crist.

Eric Ryan with Matt Tremont

Particle Don: Where can fans buy your merch online?

Eric Ryan:

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite movies?

Eric Ryan: Short Circuit 2, Empire Records, Legend. I'm missing a big one. I'm drawing a blank...

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite video games?

Eric Ryan: Street Fighter and Toe Jam and Earl.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite video game system?

Eric Ryan: Anything Nintendo. I grew up on Nintendo and Mario games.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite bands?

Eric Ryan: GWAR, ICP, Slayer and Pantera.

Particle Don: Have you ever been to a GWAR-B-Q?

Eric Ryan: I have not, but would like to.

Particle Don: Have you ever met GWAR?

Eric Ryan: Yeah. I was on a show where Oderous wrestled Tracey Smothers in a Loser Leaves Earth match. Dave Brockie was a super nice guy.

Oderus vs. Smothers

Particle Don: What's your favorite GWAR album?

Eric Ryan: Scumdogs of the Universe.

Particle Don: What made you choose Ham on the Bone as your theme instead of a different GWAR song?

Eric Ryan: It starts fast, and it gets me pumped up.

Particle Don: Other than Ham on the Bone, what are a few of your favorite GWAR songs?

Eric Ryan: Way too many to list!

Particle Don: Have you ever listened to Alestorm? I randomly saw Adam LaPorta at one of their shows during a song.

Eric Ryan: I have not.

Particle Don: I heard you were spotted at the most recent ICP show in Cleveland. How long have you been listening to them? Have you ever been to a Juggalo Gathering?

Eric Ryan: I've been listening since I was at least 13 years old. It's been a long time. I have been to the Gathering. I wrestled Ricochet and a monkey in a 3 way at one of the Oddball Wrestling shows. I'd love to go back and stay a full weekend, though.

Particle Don: What's your favorite entrance theme of all time, for any wrestler?

Eric Ryan: Goldust. Uhaa's in NXT is super catchy, too.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite Particle Don song?

Eric Ryan: Not in particular.

Particle Don: What wrestler should Particle Don write a song about?

Eric Ryan: The Sewer Dweller.

Particle Don: Do you have any non-wrestling hobbies?

Eric Ryan: Working out, being a dude.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite current WWE wrestler?

Eric Ryan: John Cena. Regardless of what people say about him, he's 100% the best on the roster, in and out of the ring. He consistently has great matches with anyone, and does more for sick children and promotions than anyone else.

Particle Don: What do you feel you have yet to accomplish in pro wrestling?

Eric Ryan: Wrestle at The Arena in Philly, and in Japan!

Particle Don: Thanks for taking the time to do the interview!!! We'll see you soon in AIW!

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