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The two top picks for this poll were Murdoch and Gage. Although neither of them won the tourney, they had a contest that could only be described as one of the best deathmatches of all time. Tremont had one vote, and he ended up winning the tournament to become the only man in history to win back-to-back KOTDMs.

The readers of ParticleDon.com have correctly predicted the winner of a deathmatch tournament for a THIRD time! Ludark Shaitan attained victory to become this year's Queen of the Deathmatch. Good job, guys!

With five votes, the ParticleDon.com readers correctly predicted Matt Tremont to win Tournament of Death 2015! Impressive. Nick Gage came in second place with four votes. These were the only two men to receive votes!

Nobody predicted the winner of AIW's 2015 JT Lighting Memorial Tournament, Ray Rowe.

The readers of ParticleDon.com are informed deathmatch enthusiasts. They correctly predicted the winner of the 2015 Masters of Pain!

With 3 votes, Matt Tremont won the ParticleDon.com "Who Will Win TOD 13?" poll. However, Kasai, who came in with 2 votes, got the win. Tremont pulled off a big victory at IWA Mid South's King of the Deathmatches just 2 weeks after TOD 13.