Kenny's Masters of Pain 2015 bracket:


Nick Gage vs. Sid Fabulous - Gage will win (Sid made it to the 2nd round of Carnage Cup 9, but won't make it out the first round of MOP 2015.)

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crane - John Wayne Murdoch (These are two hungry deathmatchers wanting to make a name for themselves, but I believe Murdoch has the advantage.)

Ron Mathis vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Matt Tremont - Ron Mathis (Mathis will steal a win while Tremont is hurt.)

Smokey C vs. Viper - Viper (Viper's experience will trump Smokey C.)


Nick Gage vs. John Wayne Murdoch - Nick Gage (Murdoch will fight hard, but not hard enough to defeat Gage.)

Ron Mathis vs. Viper - Ron Mathis (Mathis will sneak a win over Viper.)


Nick Gage vs. Ron Mathis - Nick Gage (Gage shows Mathis what deathmatch wrestling is with a stiff beating.)

Tyler Becker's Masters of Pain 2015 bracket:


Nick Gage over Sid Fabulous - This is by far the most obvious match of the night. We all know Sid is gonna get killed.

Viper over Smokey C - I'm excited to see Viper again, he showed a lot of improvement at the last Masters of Pain.

Ron Mathis over Matt Tremont & Mad Man Pondo - It was a toss up between Tremont and Mathis for me, there is no way I see Pondo winning this match.

Josh Crane over John Wayne Murdoch - I'm really looking forward to this match. This is a rematch from Carnage Cup. That contest was good, but not all that it could have been. I can't wait to see these two square off again.


Nick Gage over Ron Mathis - There is no way I see Gage not making it to the finals in this tournament, as it will be a pleasure to watch this legend square off with today's rising stars.

Josh Crane over Viper - I could easily see Viper making it to the finals also, but I feel Josh Crane is gonna have a big showing this Saturday and will impress a lot of people.


Nick Gage over Josh Crane - While I really want Josh Crane to win this, I feel Nick Gage will be on a warpath in this tournament. I would have to pick him to be the winner. If this match happens, it will be great! It would help cement Josh Crane as one of the current top deathmatch combatants. I feel this will be the first of many accomplishments for Nick Gage this year.

Particle Don's Masters of Pain 2015 bracket:


Nick Gage vs. Sid Fabulous - Gage will destroy Fabulous, and I think that's just fabulous. I've enjoyed Sid's work in IWA-DS and elsewhere, so it will be interesting to see how he takes the thrashing he is sure to receive.

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crane - I see Crane going over in this one. Crane is due to have a big year, competing in 4 major deathmatch tournaments (MOP, TOD, KOTDM and the Jay Grunge KOTC).

Ron Mathis vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Matt Tremont - I personally don't see Pondo winning this one. If I had to take a pick, I'd say the Bulldozer will get the win, but not without a hard-fought effort from Mathis.

Smokey C vs. Viper - Viper's experience and power will overcome Smokey C's quick movement and aerial assault. I'd be surprised if Smokey C were to win.


My Round 2 bracket reads as such: Nick Gage, Josh Crane, Matt Tremont and Viper.

If Nick Gage were to take on Josh Crane, Gage would destroy the relative newcomer. Gage will be on a warpath during this tournament; his first one in years.

I'd go with the upset for the next match and pick Viper to go over Tremont.


Gage vs. Viper in the finals? HELL YES.

I could see Gage sending Viper through panes of glass, Caribbean spider webs and possibly even into barbed-wire ropes. Gage would hit an epic chokebreaker to become the 2015 Master of Pain!