The Coliseum was Where I Seen 'Em [Ultimate Warrior]

Runnin' to the ring at a full blown pace.
The Warrior shoots out from backstage.
Tassels tight, blood can't circulate.
A logo painted on his focused face.

Gets to the ring, does a pre-bout lap.
Stiff wrestler when he hits the mat.
A clothesline, splash, or an irish whip.
Gorrilla press slam when he grabs a grip.

Watch ya hip on the way down.
Bobby Heenan Was left in the ring rollin' round and screamin.

(Warrior's gimmick always had me hooked,
too bad he couldn't show up when he was booked)

Watch ya shit on the way up.
CCs of blood out ya balls if you don't got a cup.

(A greuling match to see, Warrior, Hercules.
Slow-paced, showcase bodies.)

SummerSlam cage match, ran around the ring
almost 2 minutes while entering.

(So blown up by the time it started,
like a bat outta hell when he upped and darted)

from the backstage where he just cut a promo
that left me amazed; hooked on this show.
Tears flow, 'cause the laughter hurts.
Wish I had his logo on all my shirts.

Quality merch, like a sealed Hasbro
series #1, glass case enclosed.
The marketing scheme was the #1 thing
that kept the Warrior machine churning.

But I know he'll entertain and explain to me.
If I go to Warrior U, he'll be training me.
You can question Hellwig's sanity,
but respect his Connecticut University

hour long speech, when I saw him preach,
queering don't make the world work in the least.
Up from the seats arise the fans
when they hear that first chord of his jam.

His tassel bands swing while the fans scream.
He gathers energy from the building

(Colorful costume, rockstar hair.
Electric energy in the air.)

Title for title, put it all on the line.
Ran underneath an old school Federation sign.

(Above the entrance it hang, it lit up,
wish I had such a thing in my house today.)

In my garage or dining room,
an 8 foot tribute to when I was 2
and I saw him live for the very first time.
To the ring he climbed. A well-placed clothesline.

The Coliseum was where I seen 'em.
I was in attendance in the arena.
The light shined out from the the ceiling.
Bounced to my eyes; invoked a feeling.

Dedication to the gimmick held
by the man portraying was unparalleled.
One of a kind thing. Bought me a tee
now lost to time. Remember it perfectly...