Item Stocking Patterns [The Rockers]

The Rockers. I had both their figures.
Hasbro tag team. Things for collectors.
But, I took 'em in the sandbox; into the wading pool.
Staged a match in the dirt, suffering a cruel pummeling.

Now the spring jumping action doesn't work.
But they're still in my collection even though they're full of dirt.
The smirk on Michael's face looks like Jim Carrey. It's kinda scary.
Don't believe me? Track them down and gaze your glaring

eyes upon a figure that flew off the shelves
at a time when the business was booming; many sales.
The Federation without hesitation signed a figure contract.
The toy business was facin'

a force that would stand strong to this very day.
Top dollar, sealed figures on eBay.
Just imagine how much you'd have to cough up to achieve
this addition to your collection: Marty Janetty and Michaels.

Glass enclosed, moments after purchasing.
No price tag, or wrinkles on the packaging.
Immaculate condition straight from the warehouse.
No damage during shipping or while sitting on the shelves.

'Cause very often that's what happens.
You must understand when the shipments come. Item stocking patterns.
What also doesn't hurt, for an insatiable thirst,
get your ass up and to the store, so you can be the very first

one to see the selection.
One to make an observation.
Of what they have in stock, which figures can be bought.
Back in the day, K-Mart was the number one spot.

Hundreds of dollars were spent at that store buyin' figures.
Never satisfied. Always needed more.
Marc's had a mind-blowing stock of Bend-Em's.
Four bucks a pop. I'd save up and get 'em.

Owen Hart, Stone Cold, Rocky Maivia.
Ken Shamrock, Bret Hart, Goldust; Diesel.
When it comes to figures, I'm a connoisseur.
The first one through the door. I always needed more.