Pain in Unlimited Doses [Atsushi Onita]

Atsushi Onita. Never seen a wrestler sweeta.
Hits you with a powerbomb when he beats ya.
Garners many ticket sales. Packs the arena
internationally. Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling

was the promotion where he made his name.
Yeah, he wrestled Pogo. What, you didn't know?
Back in the day, '93, at a Japanese show
Pogo was thrown in barbed-wire explosives.

And he took the pain in unlimited doses.
And he has a sickle if you though he was jokin'.
And he'll put it in your back until your shirt? Soakin'.

In 2001, he got into politics.
Atsushi Onita's political quiz is a
DS game. Won the NWA belt
in CMLL on the thirteenth say of

April 1982. when that
powerbomb he took, his neck snapped.
Bounced off the mat like a basketball.
I ask you all, how fast will you fall?

And he took the pain in unlimited doses.
And he has a bat if you thought he was jokin'.
Then throw you stable to the cable with a rope whip.

Got a Highspots 3 disk set,
and me and my brother watched it first to last.
Onita drops you on the back of your head.
Next thing you know, got a concussion; feel half dead.

Atsushi has a game for NES
Also, he has scars and damages
to his flesh. Add this sentence.
Had a seat in the Japanese House of Representatives.

And he took the pain in unlimited doses.
Barbed-wire ropes if you though he was jokin'.
Then, throw you right into Caribbean explosives.

In the middle of the jungle with Tiger Jeet Singh.
Jungle Deathmatch. Nobody was watching.
Makeshift ring. Surrounded by trees.
Bleeding. Breathing smoke from the explosives.

Main evented Ribera Steakhouse Produce
in February 2013. Yes, indeed
he bleeds for a living. He loves
the feeling of people cheering.

And he took the pain in unlimited doses.

I recommend to you FMW.
Just type it in YouTube. See two warriors
dukin' it out inside a wrestling ring.
Dangerous things in the surrounding vicinity.

A Japanese city is the site where you see the fight.
MMA's alright, but not my cup of tea.
Only sport you'll catch me following is
the one Atsushi pioneered.