The Ratings War [New World Order]

Once upon a time in wrestling history there was a ratings war.
If a fed would push a gimmick the other would do it more.
Like with hardcore. Or the match that began on the boiler room floor.
Or when stables blew up. Copy like it's their chore.

Competition brought to fruition the greatest times in wrestling history.
Classic gimmicks, memorable storylines.
In the beginning, a faction dubbed NWO formed at a time when business was slow.
Because the other folks on Raw made me say I can't believe what I saw!

When The Order formed, though, they showed the business how
to achieve supremacy in ratings over any adversary.
The ratings war began. With the heat turned up to ten,
Nitro began its reign of momentum.

They pushed the competition to the brink of extinction.
Extinguished the flames that once had them in a situation.
Stables a main part of the other organization.
Now they're guilty of jackin' ideas from your faction.

That action was somewhat necessary.
The ratings war was fueling feuding federations into pulling off some
crazy bumps, memorable times, and instant classic storylines.
That's why my fading tapes have been watched so many times.

Here's why The Order formed: The Outsiders left the 'Fed!

Vince had steam comin' out his head.
Two of his top talent jumped ships. "I need some new stars" he said.
Formed himself a stable. Able to compete.
And now the flames of the ratings war quadrupled with heat.

Appearing at Nitro in camo, with an army tank.
New boundaries in the business. No longer pure kayfabe.
Incorporating real feuds into the storylines.
And pretty soon, Russo's working for the other guys.

Bischoff almost achieved his ultimate goal,
which was to have things happen opposite. Put out Vince's burning coal.
He almost did, Vince Mcmahon was smoldering.
His company soon folding if he didn't change around whose holding

the power of the storyline. Because that's why people watch. Everyone knows. Even I.