Spyder Nest ["Spyder" Nate Webb]

The greatest entrance in wrestling. Hands down.
Thank God I've seen it live. But I've seen it many more times
on video. At the House of Hardcore.
Comedy galore. Always takin' four or more minutes.

But I'm entertained for every second.
Laughin' when he makes a new friend with the lady sittin' in
the third row. Runs throughout the venue.
One of the best parts of the show. This I'm tellin' you.

Lets the whole song play out. Including verse three
and the entire bridge. This was tailer made for me!
A suicide dive from the Spyder Nest with Prazak.
Nobody could create that but Nate Webb, Yeah!

'Cause he's a Teenage Dirtbag!

On Half Pint Brawlers, he was the referee.
And the announcer. And sometimes the bouncer.
Wore many hats during his time on the show.
I was entertained. Laughter would overflow.

A Mid South mainstay. And in PWI,
he was in the top five hundred in two thousand nine.
Playin' softball in his spare time.
When I saw him live, took a huge bump and looked me in the eye

as he writhed in pain on the ground.
He can be found on Wrestling Society X.
In Mid South, he's among the top legends.
At Down with the Sickness, CZW again experienced his presence.

He's a Teenage Dirtbag!