You So Mossow [Anthony Mossow]

Anthony requested this song. He asked that I use the "Closer" instrumental. I interviewed him for

He's makin' custom figures with his ten fingers.
Stayin' up all night, making sure they look right.
Randi West has an egg on her head.
Just like in the tournament. You bet it's damn accurate!

The clothes of Kiki Rose blows me away.
Must have spent all day working on the lace.
Dollar bill stapled to the face.
Just incase you forgot that spot. The detail will amaze.

He appeared in Super Lucha Magazine.
He was seen with Aero Boy. Keep the pages nice and clean
on that collector's piece. He was threatened by Abby!
If he didnt get a figure, he'd stab Anthony with a fork.

Mr. Mossow drove from New York
to Tennesee to see Carnage Cup.
He smeared Mathis's blood on his face.
I almost threw up all over the place. It was great!

Anthony Mossow. You know he makes customs.
Learn about him in his interview.
Just one Jun Kasai sold at the tune of $450.
Blood squirtin' out the arm of Sexxxy Eddy.
Mr. Pogo bought a bunch of figures off of him.
I call that win. Don't forget to check out Sage Sin Supreme.
Pumpkin painting on her face.
Replicated by the man that makes customs that look great.

Met Piper. Tournament of Death, he was hyper.
Gettin' live when the glass flew high from a tube bump.
His son is a Particle Don fan, man.
YouTubin' the theme while driving to TOD.

Don't you know? Mossow met Dusty Rhodes.
Pointed to him in his pose. Got a snapshot.
Owns the Carnage Cup-worn pants of Bryant Woods.
Autographed. Did you know he likes lacrosse? Well, you should.

His Gage figure is the greatest one yet.
Tournament of Death 8. It's the best. Impossible to hate.
If you do, there's something wrong with you.
Made a Drake Younger, and a Green Phantom, too.

Flying down the street, jammin' Kabuki Quantum Fighter.
Felt like he was in the game the whole ride here!
Big fan of all sports. He likes Boxing.
Met Terry Norris and Glass Jaw Gerry Coony.

JD Horror gives respect. Told Mossow he's the best.
Even Sexxxy Eddy would agree!
Made a Solie and Brody.
Did you see his interview on my site?

There's a gallery of his work. Detail on Tremont's shirt.
Mickie Knuckles is bleedin'. She looks hurt.
Mr. Danger comes with an aligator.
When he wrestled 'Dub X, nothing was greater!

Anthony Mossow. Famous in Mexico, bro.
Respected in the deathmatch community.
You know, Jun Kasai sold at the tune of $450.
Did a really good job on Numazawa Jaki.
Mr. Pogo bought a bunch of figures off of him.
I call that win. Don't forget to check out Sage Sin Supreme.
Replicated the kings and the queens.
Royal Weekend of Death 2015.

You so Mossow!
You so Mossow!
You so Mossow!
You so Mossow!