In The 80's [Ted DiBiase]

Scheming up a plan. Money in his hand. Bossy.
Always gettin' what he wants. Ted DiBiase.
When he managed Austin, it was awesome!
When he won a match, money he was tossin'

down his foe's gullet. Look at how his mullet moves!
He'll tell you to shut it with a couple hundred.
Smooth with his heel psychology. He was King of the Ring.
In '88. The fourth one to achieve this.

When he's in the squared circle, he is serious.
Heel tactics when the ref's back's faced to 'em.
Often a fight he'd stir when he teamed with Schyster.
Won the tag belts 3 times. No lies.

Top heel in the company. Main evented frequently.
Shoved a hundred dollar bill in between your teeth.
While you're laying on the mat. Flat.
Then he'll grab back the money.

Funny for me. You see, early RVD participated indeed.
DiBiase would invite fans on the stage, begin humiliating.
No wonder he wore green! He had envy. Wasn't friendly.
Wasn't tryin' to make amends, no siree.

In the 80's, DiBiase got paid.
He made green. Made a lotta, lotta money.
In the 90's DiBiase managed.
Bought the contracts of Sycho Sid and 123 Kid.
In the 2000's, Creative Consultant.
Attacked Rob Conway because he insulted the legends.
In the 2010's, made a few appearances.
Old School RAW and the Slammy Awards; a few of them.

Hasbro produced two variants. One green, one black.
One punched, one had a spring in his back.
A jumping action was fashioned into the green variant.
Like I said, the black version punched. My knowledge won't be punked
when it comes down to wrestling collectibles.