Shocked; Never Bored [Mean Street Posse]

Mean Street Posse. Pete Gas, Joey Abs, Rodney.
When they were with Shane, there was no one who could stop the three.
Interferin' in matches, startin' a schmoz.
Yes, because of them, McMahon had no losses or draws.

No, they didn't have regards for regulations or laws.
They cheated and defeated, rarely showing any flaws.
I remember when Edge and Christian hired them
to steal the championships from Matt and Jeff.

Yes. Because it was the best, I would invest
many dollars, many hours with a VHS.
Or a cable stream, or a DVD. With a glass screen.
CRT projecting, my eyes intercepting.

Wrestling the the norm. Performers would perform.
I'm so thankful that I lived during the boom period firestorm.
So many innovations. On certain rare occasions
you would get swerved, thrown a curve, feel your face stretch

when your jaw hits the floor. Shocked. Never bored.
If you didn't live it live I feel sorry for you.
They debuted in Albany at the Pepsi arena.
Six days before Wrestlemania.

Shane versus X-Pac. Greenwich Streetfight.
Yes, there was low light. Pac kicked with all his might.
Shane smacked on his back to the concrete.
This is where we meet the three members of the Posse.

Shocked me. No, I'm not bored.
They assaulted Shane, grabbed him, threw his towards boards.
Flung him into a garage door.
Micheal Cole put it over huge; his voice must have been sore

the next day. Shane's jersey said D-GENERATE or GENERIT.
Depending how you look at it.
Yes, they were from Greenwich. Knew Shane since they were kids.
Now they got his back in every competition he's in

in the Federation. Remember when
there was a hardcore battle rumble at 'Mania 2000?
Rodney pinned Funaki. Yes, indeed it shocked me.
Didn't bore me. Joey Abs absorbed the

title belt, but felt defeat soon after
Thrasher won the belt because of the 24/7 clause.
Pete Gas beat the ass of the one who thrashes.
Now the champ in this match is Pete. Sweet!

All three won the HC belt in this bout.
Talk about a match that's exciting; not watered down.
These days, we pay for much less.
I say it's time for competition to spice up the plate.

Will there ever be another Attitude Era?
I say no. Am I wrong? I hope so.
Need some competition in order for quality to grow.
Right now, progress is moving too slow.