Remember when a Scaffold Match Took Place? [Legion of Doom]

The Legion of Doom had a classic tune.
That's why i chose to put it on this compilation for you.
I chose to reminisce about the NWA.
Back in the day, remember when a scaffold match took place?

Hawk wrestled with a broken leg atop the shaky stage.
Animal almost fell when rail he held escaped
the supporting structure. Yes, unsafe. It swung open, it's on tape.
Big mistake. Cornette blew out his knees, wife was irate.

Road Warriors, later on, LOD.
You're sure to see a devastating clothesline. Then, a 1, 2, 3.
Opponent's head bounces off the mat every time.
I'm sure the spine wouldn't mind avoiding that spot, if possible.

Merchandising machine in full swing.
Foam shoulder pads; facepaint with stencils. Trinkets.
Things I don't need. Millions being made. McMahon is paid!
Road Warriors he acquired, branded them with a new name.

Reunited, Wrestlemaina 13.
Accompanied to the ring by Sunny.
The NOD beat 'em, but fans were still jumping
out of their seats, happy from what they had seen.