Respect Runs Deep [Kendo Kashin]

Independent wrestling in the '90s can't
even come close to the current scene.
I agree CZ was a great thing
in '99. Also had EC.

With those two exceptions
you gotta say right now we're havin'
unprecedented entertainment
on the independent wrestling circuit.

In the 2000's, Deathmatch tourneys
started popping up frequently.
Man, I gotta see all of 'em.
JC Bailey is a top name in Deathmatch wrestling.

I had the unprecedented privilege
of seeing him compete in a tournament
live. Right in front of my eyes. The glass shower
flew real high. He won the prize.

I saw JC's first ever tournament victory
after being in so many.
Especially because he was sweet.
Can't believe it was only his first trophy!

Went on to win King of the Deathmatches.
Had a huge showing in DJ's back yard.
Made it look easy, bet it was hard.
Made it to round 3, lost in the finals.

In the same year, TJ went down.
I gotta say it's ironic how
it wasn't even a Deathmatch.
It was a normal contect when he broke his neck.

Ironic TJ's last garbage
match in the US was against JC.
Hypo in the feet; I was cringing.
They gave extreme a new meaning.

In the same year, we lost Nick Gage.
The best wrestler of all time. Top name.
Wanna see him back someday. I'll pay the
admission fee when that takes place.

2010 saw Deathmatch wrestlin'
lose huge names. It proved one thing.
You gotta see the stuff live while you can.
Gotta support your local Deathmatch.

I gotta drive 'cross state lines most of the
time when I wanna see this stuff live.
Brink of Death 4, top names galore.
WHACKS got cut so huge, blood poured

from the back of his head. Danny Havoc
superplexed him to the mat.
Through a bat with light tube extensions.
Saw it for myself in the first row section.

Never have I seen someone bleed so big.
Nowhere on the scene was a medic.
Went to the bathroom after it ended,
saw blood-soaked rags in the garbage.

At DITV, I saw a contest
to one fall. A match unprecedented.
40 panes. Broke every one of those things.
Even though I moved back, glass was flying

close to me. It was a mere 8 feet
between me and the ring. First row seating!
I accept nothing less when there's a meeting
between epic Deathmatch wrestlers.

Beating the hell out of each other. Little money
involved, but respect runs deep.
For the sport, for the artform, for the
thousands watchin' on video at home.

That's how I became a fan. If it wasn't for
SMV, Hybrid ENT...damn!
Without them, there would be no wrestling
in my living room. On-demand on my PC.

Can't trust cable for entertainment.
Lame. Brainless. Explain why I wasted
2007-09 on the mainstream guys,
when I could have just made the drive

to Masters of Pain and saw Jun Kasai.
Or see Ito fly with a frog splash dive.