A Pivotal Time [Duane Gill]

Back in the day, in '95, it was a pivotal time.
The attitude era showing it's signs.
Yet, there was still plenty of the old ways.
Like the red, white, and blue ropes. Classic block logo!

Tilted to the right with a blue square behind.
Whoever came up with that, this is your glory time.
I enjoyed the logo so much that I'm gettin' it
tattooed on my flesh just to prove it's the best.

Vince on play-by-play, never replaced
by a proper replacement. Bring back Mike Adamle!
Ratings now plummet. Free fall down the summit.
The ratings war back in the day...who won it!?

Still, you must not forget the classic promotions.
AWA, my favorite back in the day.
Jerry Lawler with the classic belt around his waist.
Heavyweight champion. Took Bockwinkles's place.

I'm sick of seeing the same old. The lame old.
The classic era of wrestling is fabled.
Stables like the Horsemen back then.
True entertainment.

Post-match interviews expressed views of the wrestlers.
Progressed the storyline. No cabana necessary.
Insult my intelligence with this nonsense.
I'm sick of seeing wrestling turn away from the ways

that I wanted to see on my TV.
At least three PPV quality matches per episode.
No excuse to miss one frame of the broadcast.
It was that classic on RAW...

when the first match match was Vader verse Yoko.
Couldn't think of a better way to start the show. Classic video.
If Raw was half as good these days, I would want to watch.
Instead of feeling like a slave.

My nostalgic ways force me to tune in.
I could be sleepin', readin', inventing a creation, but no.
I'm in front of the TV.
Look at me being programmed with slogans

and flashy graphics. But this action I can't miss.
In my free time, I always watch the classics.
Baron von Rashke cracks me up
when he locks in the claw, never lets up!

I appreciate Sammartino and Murdoch.
Eras of my past, and eras I ain't heard of.
They all brought us to the point we're at right now.
DJ Hyde, Pondo, Rotton, bringing pro wrestling

out of the shroud of sports entertainment.
Forget about explainin CZW, my personal favorite federation.
I own many DVDs, some of them Japanese.
Spider webs of barbed wire, rings engulfed in fire. Make ya perspire.

A pro wrestler's a freelancer for hire.
When I'm in the front row, can't get no higher.
ROH row number three, look at me!
Back in the day in '95 it was a pivotal time. Boom period showin' it's signs.