Positive Vibe Advisory [Devon Moore]

Matt Tremont requested this song when I interviewed him for ParticleDon.com.
He just dropped in. What's his condition?
Smilin'. Wilin' down the aisle, in CZW.
Always having fun.
Flyin' from above with the grace of a dove.

From the top of the scaffold to the floor. Devon Moore.
Fearless. Serious when he soars.
Never does he bore. To his match, I look forward.
When he climbs the scaffold, I say oh Lord!

Made it to the finals, King of the Deathmatches 2008.
His showing was great.
Slammed Havoc from the top of the scaffold.
Won the whole damn thing. He grappled Corey Shaddix.

That match was sick!
Ian Bloody. Fans Bring the Weapons.
Not a fan of tubes.
PWU Wrestled at the Arena.

March '06. Went to Mexico with Trent Acid.
Worked at the Elks Lodge for Jack Sabbath.
Trained in a garage. DIW.
Later on taught Annie Social a few moves.
Rick Clark is the boss. Thought you knew.

This is a positive vibe advisory.
Side by side he be with Drew B.
He tore his mind on a jagged sky.
Never at war. 'Cause positive vibes resonate.

King of the Death '08.
Was where he really made his name.
But before that, he defeated Acid and Scorpio.
Won the belt, yes he did.

PWU. Also in Mid South,
wrestled Chuck Taylor and Jimmy Jacobs.
Scotty Vortekz and Ricochet.
They had instant classics. IWA.

The shooting star press; one of his favorites.
He pulls it off flawless. Royal Weekend of Death.
One of my favorite tournaments.
Got a lot of bookings after he did this.

He just dropped in. What's his condition?
Smilin'. Wilin' down the aisle, in CZW.
Always having fun.

Shooting Star Press off a school bus.
Scarred his tattoo with his first tube bump.
No Rope Barbed Wire verse Nick Gage.
Proved with the best he could hang.

Took on Drake and Nicky. TOD.
Once again proved his ability.
2008, Double Death with Drake.
Took on Damage and Deranged.

Four matches. And it all was great.
Distinct voice. Recognize him from a long way.
Fought Younger on the biggest stage.
At the Arena. Death in a cage.

He just dropped in. What's his condition?
Drinkin' a Labatt and laughin'.
Puffin' tough. Gotta love the stuff.
Shirt's neon green. He'll call your bluff.

Influenced by Drake to make it through another day.
Yeah, Mox lived at his place.
Held the PWU and the CZ belts.
Only one that can tell this tale.



Royal Weekend of Death. The best tourney since
the earth started spinnin. Let me fill you in. The
lineup included Danny Havoc
name a few more ... and Devon

Trained with Kronus.

Looks real easy, don't it? Bet if I
tried, I'd lie with some broken bones. It
takes a lotta time to perfect the dangerous
stunts. ...think i'm gonna stick to the crowd - and
marvel at the whole lifestyle
Drive real far, get ya ass kicked

Busted open hardway from Marcus Crane
Side of the head with a steel chair edge. The
next day, on his temple, blood caked.
...Can't imagine the headache.

That's why I respect the hybrid guys

At Cage of Death, won the championship. Stored that
DVD in my archives. So I
can watch that match anytime.

KOTDM twenty fifteen, yes he
fought Markus Crane. Had a big showing - an
epic contest. In twenty eleven
DEVON made it all the way to round three

looks precise.

Won KOTDM with a broke leg - dur-
ing the final spot me and my brother BOTH SAID - damn
Powerslammed Danny from the top of a scaffold
...When he hit I thought his neck was broke

But, wait. There's more violence in store.

Trained with
Kronus. Mastered the

original concept:

record the song instrumentally on acoustic guitar.
learn the song but play the chords only, no reason to over complicate.
record rap vocals over top acoustic track.
this has to be done because i can't find an instrumental of his theme.