Match of the Year '92 in Wembley ["The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith]

The British Bulldog; Davey Boy Smith.
You can call him a body, but his moves are legit.
An in-ring performer, highly unique.
SummerSlam '96, he accepted defeat.

Bret Hart's brother-in-law. Hip tossed a cop
from the side of the road during a routine stop!

Cousin of the Dynamite Kid.
Broke in to the sport with the help of the Harts,
with a thumbs up to Bret.
Let him live in his house for free!
Critiqued his performing while watching tapes.

Two years later, moved into the spare bedroom of Stu.
He was part of the crew.
Him and Bret in Stampede, classic happening.
Face verse Face, the crowd out of their seats

and swarming. Storming to the ring apron.
Didn't know who to root for. Paying close attention.
Bret got the fall, but in the long haul,
for Davey's career, that match may top them all

in the long list of the bouts Davey's been in.
SummerSlam, never forget him verse Sid.
He entered the ring, enjoying what I seen.
A Sycho Sid powerbomb, hear the bell ring.

Bulldog excelling while training with
Ted Betley in England.
Relocated to Calgary to train with Stu Hart.
In the dungeon, he got bruised and scarred.

In the Federation, he made it far.
Got the IC belt and twice the Hardcore champion.
Two runs with the European belt.
Two runs as a tag champ.

Don't sell your British Bulldog merch.
It is worth more than money. It means a lot to me.
Fought in All Japan and also Stampede.
Match of the Year, '92 in Wembley.


record 2 versions
one to WAVBulldog2 and one to the classic version of the theme. (version 2 will be on Crimson Mask Volume 4, which is already in production)

Made me happy. Remember when S-I-D
hung from above during his entrance theme?
Three letters hung carefully.
DangAling. ...Hanging on strings. Lit

up with fireworks spraying. Making
me pumped up for the match that's taking
place. I never met Davey face to face - but I
felt like I knew him when I heared of his fate.

Made me ask why. Brought a tear to my eye. Still
does. BeCAUSE he WAS - a good guy. De-
served to live past thirty nine. Ted
Betley and Stu Hart was who he was trained by

Watched the episode of RAW last night, from
May twenty fourth, ninety nine. I can't lie.
Keep the legacy alive, talking in rhymes. I
wrote an essay on Davey's career.
Memorized and recorded it. Now he's near

Even in my subconscious. Because this
specific order of words is embedded
In the back of my head. When I recorded
made sure I knew the words like the back of hand

Made sure I knew Davey's from englAND
In the United KingdAM

some words sound similar
the May 24th Raw last night
from 1999.

1, 2, 3
Made me happy, I was a fan of sy-
cho S-I-D, the B-U-L-L-D-O-G started
gaining the momentum he was draining

his Federation run as a tag team
Him and Dynamite, obsessed with performing