Steve had a Cheese Hat (Can You Believe That?) [Steve Blackman]

Steve Blackman. YEAH!
Personality? FLAT!
In-ring work?
One of the best I ever had

the privilege to sit,
watch on television.
Known for his career in
World Wrestling Federation.

In '86 in Connecticut
Tony Altamore taught him how the business
works. In Calgary, in Stampede
he worked as a jobber briefly.

Interesting story. He got malaria
and dysentery while wrestling in South Africa.
Two years with the illness. Spent four
conditioning. Rebuilding muscle mass.

Integrated Escrima into his therapy.
Tea Kwon Do, also. He began conditioning
his body and mind for that moment in time when
he would get another try out. Then blew the eyes out

of the skulls of the recruiters, got a job.
Made his debut on the November 3rd Raw.
'97. Helped Vader fight the Hart Foundation.
Stationed in the crowd until he was allowed
to jump the guardrail. From there he sailed to the ring.

Steve Blackman. Yeah! Him and Al Snow had
a classic tag team. Head Cheese and Pierre, man.
Snow had the head of a mannequin.
Steve had a cheese hat. Can you believe that?

January 31st, 2000.
Head Cheese had a shot at the gold, but lost man.
This is 'cause Eddy, Chris, Perry and Malenko
were making their debuts on the show.

Steve Blackman. YEAH!
Personality. FLAT!
In-ring work? Ahead of it's time; I vouch for that.
Underrated; still I was hung up on every move.
Played as him in Attitude. My PS1 disk moved.

In '86 in Connecticut
Tony Altamore taught him how to take a hit.
Sent him in the right direction. He'd insist
for Steve to keep working until he was the best.