Rising Sun Land [BJW]

Big Japan, Rising Sun Land.
What an honor it is to work there.
At the start of the show, you know
you're in for a deathmatch or two, so

check out the undercard. A three on three. The
show ain't broadcast overseas. They got
Kobayashi doin' somethin' wild in the
press conference. Drank 25 eggs!

No deathmatch, no life. Yes I
everyday see my Jun Kasai sealed
figure. And watch DVDs. No one
breaks more tubes than Big Japan Pro

Wrestling. Triangle of Ultraviolence;
Without question, the top tournament
...in the world. Highly prestigious.
If you're in it, give 110%.

Shadow WX

Big Japan is the favorite of the
wrestling fans. Big time extravagant.
Hundreds of light tubes. Ito and Miyamoto.
Glass in the front row, a match on a great show.

Abdullah; 444 tubes.
My friend, is that enough for you?
Gimmick matches will ensue.
Some say overkill, I say to hell with you.

Remember when Kobyashi almost made it to round
3 at TOD? It took JC Bailey to
take him out. Once again in 2012, Abdullah
made it to the 2nd, but lost to MASADA.

I will never forget classic battles.
Why waste your time with the stuff on cable?
You are able to seek out quality. Do it
with everything in your life, not just what's on

TV. I recommend the tournament
Pain In Limit, any one of them.
Gladiators battlin', havin'
incredible contests, sample them when you

get a good chance to pay attention.
Don't let a distraction make you miss the
action. Like making food, or getting up
for the bathroom. Gotta see how the match plays through.


Broken English. That's why it's the best.
Doesn't make sense. The feuds and matches are
thrown together with random chance
sometimes. That's fine. It's a different kind of

experience. And I'm glad CZ guys
from the US are overseas to
compete in prestigious settings.
Korakuen Hall clapping and chanting.

Big Japan - Vince McMahon - would
never let one of his guys work there. 'Cause
they do strong style, hittin' movies fast.
If it ain't that, than it's a death match. Look

back through their catalog. Huge brawls.
Flamethrower on top of a truck. Shadow
WX did it the best, but there is such a long
list of fighters that took the risk in the

ring for this great company.
Studyin' every frame of the recording that was
shipped to me. $25 USD for
every one. This habit takes

dedication. Mister Pogo. Madman
Pondo. To name a couple. Supple
amounts of broke glass create small holes.
Among your back and arms. Some of them large.

Bleedin' uncontrollably, hopefully you
will control the blood loss. Let's see
what happens when you compete. Will it
be worth my time and money? If it's

Big Japan, than the answer's yes. Only
world class talents, accept nothing less.
Let those other feds stay borin'.
Big Japan will continue soarin'.

Shadow WX