The Federation Died [Nation of Domination SINGLE wrestler]

This was the theme that would play when a SINGLE member of the Nation of Domination would make their way to the ring. When the whole group entered together, the regular theme would play.

This theme was used for many different things.
It was used by The Rock and Mark Henry.
It was used when a single wrestler in the NOD
would come down the ramp for a choreographed beating.

This theme....was one of my favorites back in the day.
When I found the clear complete, I was blown away.
Previously, I only had an MP3
of the version with Rocky talking sparingly.

This was the precursor to the Rock's classic theme.
Check it out on track number three.
This was in the game Attitude.
I waited impatiently and bought the game release date.

Scraped up money, paid for it with change.
K-Mart was the place I bought this classic game.
They had a section of wrestling merchandise
that made my jaw drop to the floor. It was extremely nice.

Jakks figures, Bend-Ems, foam belts.
Wrestling buddies. Pogs. From me they made many sales.
Also, when I first bought my PS1,
the first game I ever bought was WWF Warzone.

Saw it behind the glass. Bought it with cash
that I made mowin' lawns. Saved it in my secret stash.
So one day, I could buy the game that had me
at my buddy's house all day. Completed the campaign.

When I think of my childhood, it's all good.
Collecting wrestling merchandise, back then I understood
the beauty of the block logo.
When they phased in the scratch logo, I went berserk-o.

Eventually, I got used to it. It was cool.
The block logo was the secondary, still put to use.
But in April '02, the ultimate sacrilege was
committed. Got the F out. NO YOU DIDN'T!

I held a huge grudge. To the point I stopped watching.
Stopped buying pay-per-views.
Stopped playing wrestling video games. I held my head in shame.
The ultimate emblem was now extremely lame.

There's not one day that passes by
that I'm not disappointed how the Federation died.
There's not one day that passes by
that I'm not disappointed how the Federation died.