Comedy Action [$10 Dollar Rasslin']

Weogufka, I love ya. I would trust ya
with my first born. Let's discuss the
new promotion that rolled into town.
Time to turn your frown upside down.

Gene Jackson callin' all the action.
Mistress Ann 'causin' a distraction.
Gene's the king of wrestling media.
At his side, there's a comedian!

Tim Statum. No way you could hate 'em.
Got caught in a headlock from a real big woman
when he got out of the car.
when he first made it to Weogufka.
No denying this: You're in the sticks
when you watch live $10 Dollar Rasslin'.

Bautista Bear's in the rumble, I swear.
Lost his mask, showed his face and hair to the crowd.
Red Cup and Scum Kritter eliminated Jeff Hart,
but Boris Dukee was the winner.

He did a shoot DVD.
Explained his whole backstory.
It involved many things I would label shocking.
Gene Jackson doing the questioning.

Kornbread vs. Freight Train. Dick Justice.
Ronnie Jeremy, Insane Lane.
Bullet Bob Armstrong, Bunkhouse Buck.
Kornbread shoot interview when it's all done.

Jeff Hart hates Red Solo Cup.
Got him on the turnbuckle and smashed his nuts.
Gene Jackson, laughin with all of us.
To step in the ring takes a lot of guts.

$10 Dollar Rasslin', comedy action.
$10 Dollar Rasslin', comedy action.
$10 Dollar Rasslin', comedy action.
$10 Dollar Rasslin', comedy action.


Yes, Freight Train is on the roster

Picking Boris Dukke's brain.

green enigma known as Boris Dukee

I paid ten dollars for the MP4. A
whole lotta laughs, that's what's in store.
If you're looking for a technical showcase with
scientific wrestling, look another place.

If you like over the top characters
and comedians as the announcers

Boriss Dukkee obeys Mistress Ann.