Kenny Interview (March 2015)

Kenny wearing a BJW "B Faultless Junky's" shirt while walking through the Colorado mountains in 2014!

The shirt up close

Every deathmatch tournament that I have ever been to has been because of this man.

Because of him, I hung out with Drake Younger during the King of the Deathmatches 2011 weekend. This is what established the friendship that eventually led to the Drake n' Bake theme song.

He knows a lot about deathmatch wrestling, and music; many details that I don't know. He helps me with fact checks and song details when it comes time to record a song.

Actually, the whole reason the Drake song came about was because of Kenny. One night in late 2011 or early 2012, Drake made an appearance in AIW, Cleveland's local wrestling federation. I wasn't able to attend that night due to work commitments, but Kenny told me that Drake had used the Godsmack "Whatever" theme.

I thought to myself. "What if I remixed that song, and skewed it towards Drake? I could email it to him, and he would probably listen to it!"

A month or so goes by, and the song is written and recorded. Upon Drake hearing it, he responded with this reply.

That day was April 15th, 2012. The inspiration that shot through my veins upon reading that email surpassed that of which anything I have yet to experience to this day, March 28th, 2015. My OTHER favorite wrestler (besides Danny) had just requested me to write a custom entrance theme! I talked to my friend Joel about a "hip hop-ish beat", and the rest is history! If it wasn't for Kenny, I would have never met Drake at King of the Deathmatches 2011 and gave him Crimson Mask Volume 1.

This all goes without saying he is my brother, and my best friend!

Particle Don: Tell the readers little bit about yourself.

Kenny: My name is Kenny White and I live in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy comedy, cats, being creative, collecting items and deathmatch wrestling.

Particle Don: Were you a fan of regular wrestling before you got into deathmatches? If so, how, and what federations did you follow? Who are some of your favorite non-deathmatch wrestlers?

Kenny: My dad watched pro-wrestling all his life, and introduced it to me. I watched WWF regularly from 1990 through 2002. I was introduced to ECW in 1999. My favorite WWF wrestler was Shawn Michaels. In ECW, I liked Sabu and New Jack.

Particle Don: What initially got you into deathmatch wrestling? Who are some of your favorite deathmatch wrestlers, and why?

Kenny: ECW had Sabu vs. Terry Funk in a No Ropes Barbed-Wire match. I think that was my initial introduction. I respect every deathmatch worker, but two names that jump out right away are JC Bailey and Nick Gage. I also really like the Japanese companies FREEDOMS and BJW.

Particle Don: What was the first deathmatch tournament you saw on film? What was the first deathmatch tournament you attended live?

Kenny: I don't recall the first one I watched on film, but the first one I attended live was Death in the Valley 2010, put on by Ohio Hatchet Wrestling. Particle Don edit: the first deathmatch tourney we watched on film was Tournament of Death 7, which took place in 2007 and was won by Danny Havoc. We watched the film in 2008. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, we watched TOD on film, and by 2012 we finally made our way out to Delaware.

Particle Don: What was your favorite live deathmatch event? Why?

Kenny: IWA-MS King of the Deathmatches 2011. I have so many great memories from that weekend.

Particle Don: If possible, give us a list or semi-list of all the deathmatch shows you've been to!

Ohio Hatchet Wrestling Death in the Valley - 2010
Ballistic Championship Wrestling Brink of Death 4 - 2010
IWA-MS King of the Deathmatches - 2011 and 2014
IWA-MS Queen of the Deathmatches - 2014
IWA-EC Masters of Pain - 2012
CZW Tournament of Death - 2012, 2013, and 2014
IWA-DS Carnage Cup - 2013
EPW Hardcore Harvest - 2014

Kenny with Abdullah Kobaiashi and the BJW Deathmatch Title at Tournament of Death 2012!

Particle Don: What is your favorite Particle Don song?

Kenny: I like them all, but two that stand out to me are "Deathmatch" and "Respect Runs Deep".

Particle Don: What entrance theme would you like to hear Particle Don write words for?

Kenny: There are a lot, but two off the top of my head, two are Corporal Robinson's Get On Up by Drama (Corp's classic IWA Mid-South theme) and Yuko Miyamoto's BJW theme.

Particle Don: What would be your dream match?

Kenny: I'd love to see Drake Younger vs. JC Bailey one more time in a deathmatch.

Particle Don: What are some of your favorite bands?

Kenny: My musical taste spans all genres.

Particle Don: Any recommendations of specific wrestling shows or promotions we should check out? Where can we find it?

Kenny: If you haven't seen Ohio Hatchet Wrestling's Death in the Valley 2010, I'd recommend that. Also, Absolute Intense Wrestling out of Cleveland puts on good shows, with occasional hardcore matches. Check out Smart Mark Video and Ringside Videos.

Particle Don: Any unique experiences or fan interactions you've had while attending a deathmatch show that you could never get at a normal wrestling show?

Kenny: At IWA-Deep South's Carnage Cup 9, I was sitting in my seat on night one, waiting for the first match to start. The owner of the company (Kevin Brannen) comes up to me and asks if I brought a fish hook bat. Those were the first words he ever said to me. I also enjoy seeing what people bring for Fans Bring The Weapons matches.

Particle Don: What are you looking forward to with deathmatch wrestling in 2015? Do you plan on attending any shows?

Kenny: I plan on attending Tournament of Death, King of the Death, Queen of the Death and Masters of Pain in 2015. There's a possibility I might attend Primos Wrestling "Slave to the Deathmatch" tournament. I'm looking forward to the return of Nick Gage, and seeing all the wrestlers go huge in their matches.

Kenny: I'd like to end this interview by giving a shout out to my family and every friend I've had in my life. Thank you to everyone I've ever met at a wrestling show or in day to day life that has been nice to me.

"Appreciate what you have, don't forget.
Cuz it can all be taken away in a minute.
Until that moment comes, make everyday your best.
No one wants to have a handful of regrets." -Particle Don

Kenny with Bray Wyatt, wearing a Jun Kasai shirt!