Justin Doan Interview (May 26th, 2015)

Every time I've been to an AIW show (and I've seen quite a few), this man has been sitting in the front row. For years, my brother and I had no clue who he was. At the 2015 JT Lighting Memorial Tournament, I introduced myself to him and gave him a CD. He has some pretty funny videos on his YouTube page, and he has met everyone from Mad Man Pondo to Vince McMahon. Let's learn a little bit about this prominent wrestling fan.

Justin had a chance encounter with Vince McMahon in front of a Cleveland hotel when RAW was in town.

Particle Don: I'd like to thank you for taking the time to go through with this interview. Please, tell the ParticleDon.com readers a little bit about yourself. What are some of your non-wrestling hobbies? What is your job occupation?

Justin: My name is Justin Doan. My hobbies are filming, wrestling and baseball. I have a 2 year old daughter that I absolutely love. Her name is Raven, and her initials are RVD!

I have two jobs. I work with mentally and physically challenged people, and I film MMA. I also film college and pro wrestling all over the place.

Justin with Taeler Hendrix.

Particle Don: Do you have any musical or creative endeavors you'd like to share?

Justin: I used to play the viola, but that's about it.

Particle Don: What initially got you into pro wrestling?

Justin: I turned on the TV one day and saw Stone Cold beating the Undertaker's car with a sledgehammer. I was hooked!

Particle Don: Out of these styles, what is your favorite? Strong Style, High-Flying, Submission/Technical, or Deathmatch?

Justin: I love the high flying and deathmatch styles of wrestling.

Particle Don: Who are some of your favorite independent wrestlers?

Justin: Sabu is my all time favorite! I also like Ricochet, Nick Gage, Matt Cross, Chiva Kid, The Young Bucks, Jack Evans and Amazing Red. I could go on and on.

Pointin' to the skies; don't take him for a joke.

When Gage takes the stage, the crowd's shocked and amazed.

Particle Don: Who are some of your favorite mainstream (WWE/TNA) wrestlers?

Justin: Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Xavier Woods, Neville, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.

Particle Don: Have you ever been to a deathmatch tournament?

Justin: I've never been to an actual tournament. However, I attended Cage of Death in 2012.

Although Justin hasn't been to a deathmatch tournament, he has seen many bloody brawls in various promotions.

Particle Don: What was your favorite live wrestling event? Why?

Justin: I would say I have two! First was Cage of Death. That was just sick!

Second was the CZW/EVOLVE show that closed out The Arena (it's now back up and running). Sabu and Justin Credible had a very good match.

The ending of the EVOLVE show was nuts! A bunch of ECW guys hit the ring. It felt like I was watching ECW back in the day! The CZW guys came out and ruined it. Then, New Jack's music started to play, and he tore everyone up! It was just a crazy way to end the show. After all this happened, Sami Callahan came out to the ring and said "ECW is dead, and so is The Arena". Great show!

Particle Don: How many wrestling promotions other than AIW have you seen live?

Justin: CAPW, JAPW, PWO, OHW, CZW, EVOLVE, WWE, NXT, BCW, Beyond Wrestling, IWA, IPW, IWA, Firestorm Pro, Prime Wrestling and many more.

Justin with Drake Younger when NXT came to Cleveland!

Particle Don: Where did you first hear of Particle Don?

Justin: At AIW's 2015 JT Lightning Memorial Tournament.

Particle Don: What is your favorite Particle Don song?

Justin: Precise and High-Risk (Innovative with a Twist) [Sabu] and Mario Mash-Up [Super Mario 1 and 2].

Particle Don: What wrestler would you like to hear Particle Don write words for?

Justin: Rob Van Dam and Paul Heyman, for sure!

Justin with Paul Heyman!

Particle Don: What video game would you like to hear Particle Don write words for?

Justin: Vectorman.

Particle Don: Throughout wrestling history, what is your favorite entrance theme? Why?

Justin: Jeff Jarret's TNA theme. I always hated him, but when his song came on, it pumped me up!

Particle Don: What would be your dream match?

Justin: Hayabusa and Sabu vs. The Young Bucks. That would be insane!

Ethan Page photobombing Justin's picture with Seleziya Sparx!

Particle Don: What are some of your favorite bands?

Justin: Pink Floyd, Tech N9ne, Jarren Benton, Slipknot, Pantera and Green Day.

Particle Don: Any recommendations of specific wrestling shows or promotions we should check out? Where can we find it?

Justin: PWG. I'm sure you have heard of them. They're sick! If you haven't seen one of their shows, check them out. They're located in California.

Particle Don: Tell us a story about a unique experience you had at an independent wrestling event that you would never get at a mainstream show.

Justin: I was at AIW. It was Mad Man Pondo vs. John Thorne. Thorne picked me up and threw me over the guard rail onto Pondo. That would never happen at a WWE show!

Try finding this level of fan interaction at a mainstream show!

Particle Don: Why does Heidi Lovelace like to lick your face so much?

Justin: I have no idea, but I'm not complaining.

Heidi Lovelace and Justin at an AIW show.

Particle Don: What are you looking forward to with independent wrestling in 2015?

Justin: Amazing matches and sick moves.

Particle Don: What do you think of Tim Donst's announcement that he will return to wrestling? Do you think he needs more rest, and that it's too soon for him to return? He had a kidney removed in March.

Justin: I think he knows his body better than anyone. He is ready to compete!

Tim Donst puts Justin in a headlock!

Particle Don: What do you think about Donst's return match against Gage? Should he have picked a less-intense opponent for his first match back?

Justin: Gage is gonna kill him for sure. I love Donst, but it's gonna be bad.

Particle Don: Who is your favorite WWE wrestler, and why?

Justin: Kalisto, because he truly was one of the best when he was in the indies. Him and Pac couldn't be touched.

Particle Don: Who is your favorite AIW wrestler, and why?

Justin: I would have to say Matt "M-Dogg 20" Cross. He is just so great!

Particle Don: Who is your favorite NXT wrestler, and why?

Justin: Sami Zayn. He can do just about anything.

Justin with El Generico. This was Zayn's gimmick while on the indies.

Particle Don: Were you surprised when Samoa Joe debuted in NXT? How do you think he will do in WWE? Will he eventually win heavyweight gold?

Justin: I wasn't really surprised. There aren't many surprises in pro wrestling anymore. I think Joe will do just fine in WWE! He will win the title at some point.

Justin with NXT's newest superstar, Samoa Joe, at AIW's JLIT 2015 weekend.

Particle Don: Do you subscribe to the WWE network?

Justin: Yes, I do.

Particle Don: How did you find out about AIW?

Justin: Dave Dawson told me about it when I was filming PWO.

Justin with a PWO veteran, Facade!

Particle Don: What was your first AIW show?

Justin: My first show was in 2010. I filmed the event. I forget the name of it, but the main event was Facade vs. Shiima Xion vs. Johnny Gargano in a ladder match for the title.

Particle Don: What was one of your favorite AIW shows?

Justin: It's a tie between Battle Bowl and Nightmare Before Christmas with Masada.

The wrestling buddy was used in Masada's Fans Bring the Weapons match!

Particle Don: What do you think sets AIW apart from other promotions?

Justin: AIW doesn't care what people think. They book Tracy Smothers. I like that.

Particle Don: What makes you keep coming back to AIW shows?

Justin: The fans and the wrestlers. I will always go, because everyone is nice and has a blast.

Particle Don: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Justin. We'll see you at the next AIW show!

Justin is a passionate wrestling fan. You will hear him screaming the entire show!

Taeler Hendrix and Justin on day 2 of AIW's JLIT 2015 weekend.


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