Jeff Cannonball Interview (August 23rd, 2016)

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Particle Don: What got you into wrestling? Were you a fan growing up?

Jeff Cannonball: When I was a baby my dad loved wrestling; all WWF. I couldn't tell you when I really started paying attention, because I don't have memories from before I was obsessed with wrestling. It goes back as long as I can remember. My first real wrestling memory was my dad coming home with a VHS copy of WrestleMania 3...but I know I was watching before that because I was excited about seeing Hogan vs Andre.

Particle Don: Early on, who was your favorite wrestler?

Jeff Cannonball: Ultimate Warrior, by far! I did not love Hogan, because I was all about the Ultimate Warrior. I lost it when I first watched WrestleMania 6 and Warrior beat Hogan. I also remember after a long absence he came back. This was before the internet, so I had no idea. As a child I literally jumped to my feet screaming in excitement.

Expect a song about WrestleMania 6 on Crimson Mask Volume 4.

Particle Don: What made you decide to train to become a wrestler? When did this happen?

Jeff Cannonball: As long back as I can remember I wanted to be a wrestler. Of course, as I got older, real life took over a bit and the desire went away. It wasn't until my freshman or sophomore year of college I finally decided to give it a go. I can't point to one moment that made it happen, but I just remember thinking that if I don't give it a shot, I'll regret it forever.

Particle Don: Where did you train?

Jeff Cannonball: I started out the super carny way. I'd go to shows run by a small but financially successful company in New Jersey called NWS. I would help set up chairs and the ring. I'd get in the ring with the guys who would teach me. Corey Havoc, Nicky Oceans, and Corvis Fear (later Eric Corvis) were kind of the most help at the time. From there, I went and trained at several schools throughout the area until recently spending time at the CZW dojo. Small side note...Joey Janela started out with NWS, though he was already a few years in by the time I started.

Jeff Cannonball got his foot in the door with pro wrestling at NWS in New Jersey.

Particle Don: When you first started wrestling, did you want to get into deathmatches?

Jeff Cannonball: I did, but I wanted to hold off on those. I loved watching deathmatches of all types, but I always gravitated towards the guys who would wrestle and build up to the weapons in the match. I wanted to make sure that I could wrestle and put on standard matches; not just rely on blood and guts. This is why I wrestled for 3 years before doing my first death match.

Particle Don: What are the origins of the "Cannonball" nickname?

Jeff Cannonball: Punk rock. I came from the hardcore punk rock scene. As some may know, a lot of times in punk and such, your band name becomes your last name (example: The Ramones). My first band that did a record was called Cannonball, and I've been called that outside of wrestling since I was 16 years old.

Particle Don: What's your finishing move, and why did you choose it?

Jeff Cannonball: Recently, I've been using the Greetings from Asbury Park, also known as the Rikishi Driver or the Fire Thunder Driver. I call it the Wait What Driver. I chose it due to a couple things. For a while I was using the Tiger Driver, but so many people use it, including Greg Excellent in CZW, so it kind of went off the table for me. In talking to a few people, they suggested the Fire Thunder Driver. Then I wrestled Rikishi in North Jersey. He sat with me for a while and gave me some of his matches to watch, so I got to see plenty of Rikishi drivers. I thought, why not? Plus, I get to drop people on their heads even more often.

Rikishi is Yokozuna's cousin and is part of the famous Anoa'i wrestling family.

Particle Don: Fans were upset when Brad Cash eliminated you at King of the Deathmatches 2016. To my knowledge, this was your first time in IWA Mid-South. What are your thoughts on this match?

Jeff Cannonball: This was my first time working for IWA-Mid South and it was an honor. I really enjoyed the match, despite Bryant Woods slicing a tendon very early on. I got to tangle with Matt Tremont again, which is always a good time. Plus, I never met Brad Cash and I like trying new things. I've heard people say it was the best match of the first round (though I personally disagree, Crane/Crane/Patricks/RSP killed it) and that's an honor. I hope to be back next year.

Particle Don: How was your overall experience in IWA Mid-South? How do they differ from other promotions?

Jeff Cannonball: Awesome. I loved it. I always saw a lot of those guys call IWA a family and all that, and you can definitely sense it walking into their locker room. Ian and everyone I met was real cool, I won't drop names because I'll leave someone out and feel bad, but everyone I talked to was super cool. The locker room is so tight and it seems like there is no drama.

Particle Don: Your tag team with Matt Tremont is known as "Weapons of Mass Destruction". The two of you made it to the finals in the recent Milestone Wrestling "Death 2 Tag Team Tournament" that took place on May 28th in North Carolina. How long has this team been around? In what other promotions have you two teamed up to compete?

Jeff Cannonball: Weapons of Mass Destructions's first appearance together was for that very tag team tournament. Matt pitched it to them and they were into it. We will debut as a team for On Point Wrestling in September, which I can't wait for because OPW is not only my home but the company that really got my name out there. I can't give much away, but there are plans for us to team up elsewhere.

Click the image to purchase the the Death 2 Tag Team tournament in MP4 format.

Jeff Cannonball and Matt Tremont will compete in a Falls Count Anywhere match on September 24th in On Point Wrestling.

Particle Don: Is the Weapons of Mass Destruction shirt still available? If so, where can we buy it?

Jeff Cannonball: They are. I had them on my merchandise website (which I will plug in the next question). But as of right now, Matt has all of them, so get in touch with him through Facebook or at his store, Bulldozer's Collectibles in Berlin, NJ. It's a great spot.

Make sure to check out Bulldozer's Collectibles if you're ever in the area. They are located at 41 Clementon Road, Berlin, New Jersey, 08009. Their phone number is 609-289-7198.

Particle Don: Where can fans get a hold of your merchandise?

Jeff Cannonball: Besides live shows, I sell all my stuff at Ride The Fury is a record label out of New Jersey run by my best friend, Pat Gerity. He was kind enough to let me throw my merchandise up on there. Go check it out and buy some other stuff while you're at it.

Particle Don: What's your preferred deathmatch weapon?

Jeff Cannonball: Hard question...I guess I would have to go with the thumbtack bat. It was the first deathmatch weapon I was hit with and the first one I ever personally used. It makes for great pictures to see the carnage explode off your head.

Particle Don: Do you have a least favorite weapon? Why?

Jeff Cannonball: Kenzans. I have had them used on me twice. Once in my debut at On Point Wrestling and the other in my debut match at CZW in Tournament of Death 15. The OPW one was okay. However, the TOD one took two guys with pliers while George Gatton held my scalp down. It was quite the experience. I'm okay without ever going through it again, haha.

The kenzan was embedded in Jeff's skull so deep, Tremont couldn't pull it out during the match. Photo credit goes to

Kenzans are reusable pieces of lead with small spikes that hold flowers in place within flower arrangements. They rest at the bottom of the vase. Flowers are slotted in so that they catch on the spikes but stems are still able to absorb water and nutrients. They're known by many different names: Pin Frogs, Flower Frogs, Flower Spikes, Needle Holders and Kenzans. They are a truly viscous weapon when used in deathmatch wrestling.

Particle Don: What are your overall goals in deathmatch wrestling?

Jeff Cannonball: The goal was always Tournament of Death and King of the Deathmatches. I knocked both of those out in one summer. However, I was eliminated in the first round of both of those tourneys. Now my goal is to not only get to the finals of one of them, but to actually win one. I also want to get in IWA Deep-South's Carnage Cup and, I hope it comes back, IWA East Coast's Masters of Pain.

Particle Don: Is there someone you have yet to wrestle that you'd like to square off against?

Jeff Cannonball: Tons. Devon Moore is a big one, though. He was one of the guys who I know pushed DJ Hyde to use me in CZW. He has looked out for me a couple times, yet I've never stood across the ring from him. I would like to see that happen. I also really want a Weapons of Mass Destruction vs Team IOU match. I love watching those guys, and Kerry Awful and I have a lot in common. I think that match would be quite interesting.

Particle Don: How did you meet up with ICP and start doing JCW shows?

Jeff Cannonball: One weekend in 2015 I was wrestling in Indiana for a small family company, FWF. I got back to the hotel at the end of the night and had a message from Kevin Gill, the booker for JCW, asking me to come out to the Gathering of the Juggalos the next weekend. I jumped on the opportunity and love and appreciate working for Kevin Gill and ICP. I didn't meet or talk to ICP until I was at the Gathering.

Particle Don: Did you listen to ICP before you met them?

Jeff Cannonball: I didn't. I was always a punk rock kid who also listened to some '90s rap. We made fun of ICP and Juggalos. I did the Gathering partly expecting to laugh at everyone and leave with some freak show stories. But I ended up loving it; everything from the people to the atmosphere. Everyone there was beyond nice, ICP themselves were super cool and they took care of me. I left with no complaints. Afterwards, I started listening to them more and more. I'm not a number one fan by any means, but I have nothing but respect for them and will stick up for the Juggalos whenever I can.

Particle Don: Is there a story behind them giving you the nickname "Little Bundy"?

Jeff Cannonball: Haha! My first Gathering I main evented the Oddball Brawl. It was a four corners of light tubes and panes of glass match that featured Ron Mathis, Matt Tremont, Mosh Pit Mike and myself. ICP was guest ring announcing and Shaggy 2 Dope announced me as 200 pounds...which I am not. I walked right up to him and yelled for all Juggalos to hear, "Do I look like 200 pounds, you fucking idiot?" This turned into about three minutes of ICP tearing me apart on the mic. Shaggy coined the term "Little Bundy" (referencing King Kong Bundy) and it stuck.

Click the JCW logo to watch Jeff Cannonball compete in the main event of the 2015 JCW Oddball Brawl!

Particle Don: You've had incredible matches at the past two Juggalo Gatherings. Do you have any funny Gathering stories or experiences you'd like to share?

Jeff Cannonball: Too many. As I said before, I went looking to make fun of the freak show, and I left loving it...but there was still a lot of freak show aspects to it. My two favorite moments...the first year, I'm walking around by myself and I walk by a guy whose entire arm is covered in Faygo. All over the Faygo on his arm were bees. I did a double take and he looks at me and just goes "Hey man, bees are Juggalos, too!"

This year I was able to go with Terra Calaway. We were chilling one day in between wrestling shows on a hill overlooking the main stage. At the top of the hill was a guy screaming that for $5, he will slam his dick in a car door. I didn't take him up on it, but the gesture was appreciated.

Particle Don: What's it like being on the road for long periods of time while traveling to shows? What do you do to pass the time?

Jeff Cannonball: I'm used to it. Before wrestling, I was touring with punk and hardcore bands once or twice a year since the age of 17 or 18. I love the van life. Not so much the packed into a car life, but I love the travel aspect. I love listening to stories and sharing my life experiences. Nothing passes time better than being on the road with friends and getting to talk about everything and anything. At a certain point, I usually pass out though. I try to take the first shift and do the entire drive on the way to the venue so I can chill out on the way home.

Particle Don: Have you ever been to Cleveland for any reason?

Jeff Cannonball: I have been to Cleveland multiple times. The Cleveland punk scene is amazing. I highly suggest checking it out; The Inmates, Darvocets, Grin and Bear It, there are so many good bands. Last time I was there I was in a band called Altered Boys and we played at a sick bar called Now That's Class. The place was awesome.

Particle Don: Do you watch current WWE? Who are a few of your favorite wrestlers from this era?

Jeff Cannonball: I try to keep up. However, I don't watch as much as I used to not all that long ago. I think it is important to at least have an idea of what is going on in the industry. As a fan, I'll never get tired of Kevin Owens. Whether it's on the mic or in ring, I can't help but pay attention.

Particle Don: What's your all-time favorite WWF entrance theme?

Jeff Cannonball: Let me get a little more obscure. Maven and Steve Blackman...greatest themes of all time. Put Maven's theme on and tell me you don't want to headbutt a brick wall until it becomes dust.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite bands?

Jeff Cannonball: As I mentioned, I'm big on punk of all kinds. Some favorites would be Propaghandi, Poison Idea, Gauze and Infest. I like fast, angry, short songs. I also love '90s rap. I got to see Onyx at the Gathering this year. I could not have been happier! If you're in a car with Tremont and I, you will probably end up listening to Coolio as well.

Banged Up produces some of South Philly's finest Oi. Check out their debut album, You're The Problem.

Particle Don: What's your favorite 90's cartoon?

Jeff Cannonball: Solid question. Doug was a must-watch before school.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite TV show?

Jeff Cannonball: I like a lot of comedy, not so much the serious drama shows everyone else loses their mind over. In my opinion, The Eric Andre Show is the funniest show on TV.

Particle Don: What is your favorite movie?

Jeff Cannonball: Dirty Work starring Norm MacDonald. Norm is the funniest man on the planet. Not an opinion, but a fact. This movie is perfect.

Particle Don: Do you have any non-wrestling hobbies you'd like to tell us about?

Jeff Cannonball: I haven't in a while, but I love playing music and attending shows in the DIY punk community. I'm also a huge stand up comedy nerd. If I'm not wrestling on a Saturday, I'm probably at some comedy club enjoying a live show.

Particle Don: Where did you first hear about Particle Don?

Jeff Cannonball: When you did Danny Havoc's "Hungry like the Wolf" and he started coming out to that. That was the first time I got to hear Particle Don.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite Particle Don song?

Jeff Cannonball: Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it, but the song for Tremont that uses the music from "Flagpole Sitta", I think its called "Tournament Winna" maybe? To be honest, I can't remember the name because the CD is currently in my player in my car.

Particle Don: Is there anything you'd like to plug or give a shout out to?

Jeff Cannonball: Follow me on Instagram @jeffcannonball. I also use Twitter at the same name, but use Instagram much more. I'm on Facebook, but they make me use my real name. You can still search Jeff Cannonball and it will pop up because I put it in the parenthesis, but don't be surprised if you see Jeff Guerriero. Check out On Point Wrestling, I love that place. Their past death match tournament, Survival of the Sickest, is legitimately the most emotional death match tournament you'll ever see, I guarantee it.

Click the image to purchase OPW's Survival of the Sickest tournament in MP4 format.

Particle Don: Thanks for the interview, Jeff! We all look forward to seeing you compete for years to come.

Jeff Cannonball: Thank you for reaching out. I had a blast!

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