After making so many friends while going to wrestling shows, I've decided it's time to let the readers of get to know a few of them. I will be bringing you interviews with fans and wrestlers alike, giving you insight into independent wrestling rarely seen in journalism.

Nathan Hamilton

Brian Carson

"Lowlife" Louie Ramos

Jeff King

Particle Don (by Head Cheese)

Deadly Dale

Jeff Cannonball

Randi West

Alex "Worldwide" Kellar

Particle Don (by Wiggy Wigowski)

Wiggy Wigowski

Frankie Flynn

Eric Ryan

Weird Body EA

Corporal Robinson

"The Suicidal Beast" Bryant Woods

David Russell

Delaware Mike

Justin Doan

Vic Philpott

Jeremy Nickerson

Anthony Mossow

Kathleen Hoffman

Kris Ayers

Tyler Becker

"The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont

Kenny (XtraLethal)

Nick Maniwa

Robert Trail

Robert Stoneware (Chris P. Lettuce)

Weird Al and Robert Trail