Corporal Robinson Interview (June 10th, 2015)

I had the opportunity to speak with IWA Mid-South legend Corporal Robinson for an in-depth interview. I think you'll enjoy reading it!

Particle Don: What's up, Corp?

Corporal Robinson: I'm good. Feeling a little banged up from the last IWA show, but I'm doing good.

Particle Don: That's one of the questions I was going to ask you. I heard you were injured at the recent IWA show (This is the Main Event) during the end of the match. What was that all about?

Corporal Robinson: Well, I went into the match hurt. I had some cracked ribs. The match with Schwartz was epic. I fought through it, because there's no way I'm going to miss King of the Deathmatches. The fight took its toll, but I toughed it out, beat Schwartz, and I'm on to the next week.

Particle Don: You spent some time in the Marines, and that's how you got the name Corporal Robinson. Tell me a little bit about that. What did you do in the Marines?

Corporal Robinson: Basically, I was a grunt. I actually was in the Marines Corps because of my baseball scholarship. At a game, there was a Marine Corps recruiter. He said "Hey, I can pay you to play baseball here!" So that was initially the reason why I went to the Marine Corps.

They totally lied to me, but that's alright. I ended up learning how to be a badass, and it was good for my country.

Particle Don: What initially got you into wrestling?

Corporal Robinson: I was a fan of pro wrestling my whole life. I grew up down south. Me and my pops would watch Saturday Morning Wrestling every week before we'd go fishing. So, I started my love for wrestling when I was younger.

Particle Don: What made you decide to train to become a pro wrestler?

Corporal Robinson: The opportunity came about when I got out of the Marine Corps to train. I was actually home on leave, and this was basically my last tour. I was pretty much already out; there was only the final paperwork to fill out before it was official.

I was at a show, and the heel came out talking shit to us, saying the Marines were a bunch of pussies. I threw a punch and drilled the mother fucker. Some guys came out from the back, and we thought we were going to get in a fight with a bunch of wrestlers. However, one of the guys told me "Man, that's the fastest punch I've ever seen in my life. Have you ever thought about being a pro wrestler?"

That's where it kicked off. From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do.

Particle Don: Who was your favorite wrestler while growing up?

Corporal Robinson: It's a toss-up between some people. I was, of course, a big fan of Hogan. I also liked Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol, The Fabulous Ones and The Rock n' Roll Express. I thought Lawler was on top of the world. He could beat anybody's ass. He was always whoopin' somebody.

Austin Idol

The Fabulous Ones

Later on, my favorites were Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley.

Particle Don: Where did you train to become a wrestler?

Corporal Robinson: I started off in a small little company called WCWO. Thankfully, Tracy Smothers saw me, and got me down to USWA. I spent years on the road with those guys, breaking in. At the time, Jerry Lawler had ended up selling USWA to two different companies. They switched the name up due to legal reasons, so it became KCW.

That's right about the time when IWA Mid-South and Ian Rotten were blowing up. I was a huge fan of ECW. I watched all the guys; Dreamer, Raven, Sabu, everyone. I was already intrigued with the hardcore style of wrestling. Once I got the opportunity to go do it, I jumped on it.

Particle Don: How did you choose the Boot Camp as your finisher?

Corporal Robinson: Sgt. Slaughter used the Cobra Clutch as his finishing move. I wanted to take the Cobra Clutch and install some more violence into it. I added a Russian leg sweep to the traditional sleeper hold. I can hit it as either a move or a choke out. I can beat them with a pin, or I can tap them out. That's how the Boot Camp originated.

Particle Don: What's your favorite deathmatch weapon?

Corporal Robinson: My favorite deathmatch weapon? Let's see. Man...there's so many that I've used during these years. It kind of depends on the situation. There's lots of different angles you can take with that question. I gotta really think on this one; holy shit. So many damn weapons.

From a fan's standpoint, it's probably light tubes. That would probably be my answer. However, I've seen so much creative stuff from the Fans Bring the Weapons matches. The more creative and unusual a weapon is, the better. I've seen so many different things, from microwaves to video game systems. Every time I come to a tournament, I see something different. Especially in IWA Mid-South, there's a lot of Fans Bring the Weapons matches. All the people from across the country try to outdo each other.

Particle Don: Do you have a least favorite weapon?

Corporal Robinson: Fire sucks. It's so unpredictable. I've been burnt super bad with third degree burns, and all that crap. Ian Rotten took care of me, but it was still terrible. I also don't like when a cactus is brought into a match. Those are bad; they suck. It can be three or four months later, and you're still picking pieces of cactus barbs out of your ass. It's one of those stipulations that really suck.

Particle Don: While using light tubes, do you ever have trouble getting tube dust in your eyes?

Corporal Robinson: You know, the thing with light tubes that can fuck you up is that they break kind of differently. If someone follows through, you can get cut bad. Those things are super fuckin' sharp. I'm gonna knock on wood here, but I've never had an issue with getting glass in my eyes. I've almost died once from them, though. But so far, I've never had an eye injury when it comes to light tubes. However, I've had a lot of injuries with those damn things.

Particle Don: You've wrestled pretty much everybody. Is there anyone remaining you haven't squared off against that you'd like to fight?

Corporal Robinson: Let me think, let me think, let me think. I have wrestled pretty much everybody. I've wrestled Gage and Tremont. Who is the lineup in King of the Death this year? Who haven't I wrestled? I think I've wrestled them all.

Particle Don: How about Dale Patricks?

Corporal Robinson: Yeah, I have wrestled him. Damn, I've wrestled a lot. I took on Bryant Woods at Carnage Cup. You know, there is a guy I'd like to wrestle one more time, and that's Mean Mitch Page. We had the bloodiest, craziest feud in the history of IWA, and it was never fully settled. I was trying to think of some of the old ECW guys I'd like to get in the ring with, but at some point in time I've been in the ring with just about all of them. That's crazy. I never really thought about that until you asked that question. I'm sure I'll kick myself in the ass later, when we're done talking, and think of someone.

Corp vs. Mitch Page in IWA-MS

I like wrestling new up-and-coming guys. I also love shutting up assholes who don't respect the business and think they're the shit. We might have to come back to this one later; that's a great question. You've got me stumped.

Click the image above to hear Vic Philpott interview Corp and Mitch about their historic feud.

Particle Don: What about Josh Crane, have you wrestled him?

Corporal Robinson: Yes, I did at last year's King of the Deathmatches semi finals.

Particle Don: Have you heard any Particle Don songs?

Corporal Robinson: You know, a buddy of mine had sent me some of your stuff just today. I had heard that you do songs related to wrestling, and I thought "This has gotta be some good shit." So I haven't peeped it yet, but it's sitting in my car waiting to be heard.

Particle Don: Good stuff! I did songs for Drake Younger and Danny Havoc; check those out.

Corporal Robinson: Absolutely. Both of them are great guys.

Particle Don: What's your favorite entrance theme of all time, for any wrestler?

Corporal Robinson: Undertaker's entrance at Wrestlemania is always unbelievable.

Particle Don: One of my personal favorite entrance themes is the one you use, "Left, Right, Left" by Drama. How did you choose this theme?

Corporal Robinson: It pumps you up, and it has a military feel to it. Not a lot of people bumped it or even knew about it until I started using it.

Particle Don: I'm in that boat. After finally finding out the artist and name of the song, I immediately bought the CD!

Corporal Robinson: That's what's up. When I heard that song, I thought "That's some of the catchiest music I've ever heard!" I used some other music after that, including ICP, but I went back to it because it's so damn hype.

Particle Don: What are a few of your favorite bands?

Corporal Robinson: Oh man, this one's gonna show my age so much. I'm an 80's/90's rock kind of guy. I also like country music. I was a huge fan of Guns n' Roses and Metallica. God damn Nirvana, I love them, but they fucked up my whole rock scene! I also grew up on AC/DC. But of course, as far as rap goes, how could you not like NWA? I also like Snoop Dogg. Also, Eminem is by far the best rapper in the world.

Particle Don: What is your favorite video game?

Corporal Robinson: Madden. I've been a fan of football games since I was a kid. With Call of Duty, I can tell people what to do because I've been in combat situations, but I can never perform at an elite level in those games. I don't like how you have to press a bunch of buttons at the same time. However, Madden, for some reason, I can lock that down. I'll fuck you up in some Madden. I also love Mortal Kombat.

Particle Don: Where can people buy your merchandise online?

Corporal Robinson: They can hit me up on Facebook. They can also see me at a show. I've got a whole new line of shirts coming out soon. One of them is a retro, old-school Corporal Robinson shirt with my catchphrase on the back. I have a new King of the Deathmatches shirt in the works. The G.I. Corp shirt is also going to be re-released.

Corp in IWA-MS

Particle Don: How did you come up with the catchphrase "Fear what you don't understand, and hate what you can't conquor, bitch!"?

Corporal Robinson: I heard it listening to a rap song. I forget which one it was at this moment. Once I heard it, I knew that was it! One hundred fuckin' percent. The first time I ever said it live, the entire crowd popped. I said "That's it!" It sums up everything I need to say. That phrase is probably the biggest catchphrase in independent wrestling history.

Particle Don: My brother and I always laugh at that shit. We love when you say that!

Corporal Robinson: Hell yeah! That's what's up. That phrase has always been with me.

Particle Don: Do you have a favorite memory of Rollin' Hard?

Corporal Robinson: I have a bunch. I love that guy. There's so many. The night I got caught on fire, it was crazy. It was me and Rollin' tagging against Ian and Axl Rotten. Rollin' helped put me out immediately, and was concerned the whole damn night about it. The last couple times I wrestled Rollin', he was fighting cancer big time.

He was one of the funniest dudes in the locker room. He was like Mitch Page with that. He'd always just sit back and chill. We always did some good shit in the ring, but the most memorable stuff with Rollin' was in the locker room. You'd think he was going to be quiet, but he'd come at you with some smart-ass comment or something funny. Mitch Page is almost a hundred percent like that, too. He comes out of nowhere. Some people would call it sarcasm, or being a smart-ass, but he totally lightens the mood.

Particle Don: Among your numerous accomplishments in the sport of professional wrestling, you are the only one other than Ian rotten to win King of the Deathmatches twice. Have you ever thought about starting your own promotion or wrestling school?

Corporal Robinson: You know, starting a wrestling school has been brought to my attention on a couple of different occasions. I'm definitely going to go down that route when I get done.

As far as my own promotion, it would have to be with the right person. You know, I basically police the lockers rooms anyway. If someone comes in with a cocky attitude, I'm going to shut it up for him. We bust our ass, and this is a comradery. We are basically blood brothers. There is a certain way, and a certain level of respect you need to posess in this business. If you don't have that, no. It ain't going down like that.

Particle Don: How did you initially meet ICP?

Corporal Robinson: I met Joe and them when they watched me wrestle for IWF in Detroit. Sabu and I were doing a title run. Sabu dropped the title to me the night I met them. We had a five star match. It was unbelievable shit. You know, Sabu is crazy. That night, we were completely on-sync. It was great.

Sabu and I were in the locker room. Joe was, of course, super tight with Sabu. Sabu introduced me, and Joe said he was having a party over at his house. They told me to come over and smoke a few blunts, and that's what I ended up doing. From then on, Joe asked me to wrestle for JCW, and things took off from there. I was the JCW champion for quite some time, and I never lost the belt. I had to vacate it due to injury; there was a possibility that I was never going to walk again.

Corp with the JCW Title.

Particle Don: You're wrestling John Wayne Murdoch in the first round of King of the Deathmatches 2015. Do you think you might meet Nick Gage at some point? That's a match I'd like to see.

Corporal Robinson: One hundred percent. That right there is a dream deathmatch. I hope to God the brackets work themselves out that way. I know there's some smart bookers out there. A lot of people were hashtagging #GagevsCorp for TOD. As far as King of the Death goes, that's a possibility for damn sure. First thing is first though, I have to worry about getting past John Wayne Murdoch, who is one of the best up-and-comers today.

Particle Don: Who are a few of your favorite up-and-coming deathmatch guys?

Corporal Robinson: Well, John Wayne Murdoch is definitely one of them. You've got JC Rotten, who is stepping his game up. Dale Patricks is another guy who makes me think that when I do finally stop wrestling, deathmatches will be in good hands. If Josh Crane could get his head out of his ass, I think he would be another one, too. We'll see what he does in TOD this week, you know what I mean?

Particle Don: What are a few of your most memorable matches throughout your career?

Corporal Robinson: Me vs. Ian Rotten. We did that shit all over the country. Myself and Necro Butcher was classic. By far, my series of matches with Mitch Page were among the best in my career. Working Scott Hall for the world title at Bloodymania was awesome. I got Scott Hall's last best match, and that is very historically significant. It was awesome. Vampiro was another good one. There are so many.

Honestly, my feud with Schwartz right now is hot. I hate that cocksucker on a real-time level, but for the fans out there, it's a hot feud. It's only going to get hotter and bloodier. I'm not slowing down any time soon.

Particle Don: Thanks for the interview!

Corporal Robinson: You're welcome. I'm always available for you guys.

Particle Don: See you at King of the Deathmatches, Corp!

Corporal Robinson: For sure.

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