Anthony Mossow Picture Gallery

One of the things I like most about Anthony's customs is the references to certain matches, gimmicks and time periods. For example, the JC Bailey figure has the syringe in his foot from the Thumbtack Jack match. He's also holding a thumbtack bat, JC's favorite weapon. Piper's figure has a beer bottle, like he used to break over his head in Portland. Kiki Rose has a dollar bill stapled to her face, and her outfit is impressively detailed. John Moxley is wearing his Tournament of Death attire, complete with Masada's skewers in the head.

The Dynamite Kid figure is wearing attire from his territory days. The IWA-Japan King of the Deathmatch 1995 set is incredibly detailed, down to the trophy in Cactus Jack's hand. Rory Mondo is wearing the gear and facepaint from his final match. Trent Acid has the robe from his JCW "Altar Boy" gimmick. The John Rare figure has a boxcutter in his hand. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga has a barbed-wire halo, and the alligator from his Alligator Death Match with Shadow WX in 1998.

Aja Kong
Bruise Brothers
Corporal Robinson
Chris Youngblood
Drake Younger
Dynamite Kid
Solie and Brody
KOTDM 1995
JC Bailey
JD Horror
John Moxley
John Rare
Jun Kasai
Kiki Rose
Masada 2
Matt Tremont
Mickie Knuckles
Mr. Pogo
Original Sheik
Pampero Firpo
Pogo The Clown
Mad Man Pondo
Rebecca Payne
Roddy Piper
Rory Mondo
Ryuji Ito
Sami Callihan
Toby Klein
Trent Acid
Toby Klein
Violento Jack
Numazawa and Kasai