Crimson Mask Vol. 1 (2011)

Blood From A Stone [Stone Cold Steve Austin]

Precise and High-Risk (Innovative with a Twist) [Sabu]

Classic, Timeless Merch [The Rock]

I'm Sold (The Acting in the Ring Never Gets Old) [Brutus Beefcake]

A Hilarious, Classic Tag Team [The New Age Outlaws]

Remember when a Scaffold Match Took Place? [Legion of Doom]

Never a Failure [Big Boss Man] (Circa 1998)

A Friendly Crazy Man [Cactus Jack]

Less Than Nice [APA]

Item Stocking Patterns [The Rockers]

Always Something Interesting [Tatanka]

Sunday Morning Superstars Veteran [Tracy Smothers a.k.a. Freddie Joe Floyd]

Enhancement Talent [Terry Taylor]

A Pivotal Time [Duane Gill]

The Federation Died [Nation of Domination SINGLE wrestler]

The Ratings War [New World Order]

One Televised Match [Kizarny]

The Coliseum was Where I Seen 'Em [Ultimate Warrior]

Bleed For A Living [Danny Havoc]

Crimson Mask Vol. 2 (2012)

Drake n' Bake (Naptown Mix) [Drake Younger]

The Full-Figured Jr. Heavyweight [Greg Excellent]

A Visceral Uppercut with a Glass Club [Simon Sezz]

Neon Ninja [Facade]

Dynamite Kid-Esqe in the Contest [123 Kid]

Won The Match For His Team [Blue Blazer]

How Can You have a Champ if there's No One to Defeat? [Roddy Piper]

First Tag Team to Hold the HWA Belts [Headbangerz]

Never Was Afraid to Get Color [Iron Sheik]

Drake n' Bake (2006 Mix) [Drake Younger]

Crimson Mask Vol. 3 (2016)

Better Wrestler and Fighter than You [Randi West]

A Light Tube Magnet [Matt Tremont]

Tournament Winna [Matt Tremont] (Harvey Danger parody)

Positive Vibe Advisory [Devon Moore]

It's All Because of Dwayne ["All Ego" Ethan Page]

Spitfire [Davey Vega]

Spyder Nest ["Spyder" Nate Webb]

Comedy Action [$10 Dollar Rasslin']

Strength of 1000 Men [Rusev]

Oklahoma Stampede ["Dr. Death" Steve Williams]

Always Makin' Big Waves [Rick "The Model" Martel]

Match of the Year '92 in Wembley ["The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith]

Shocked; Never Bored [Mean Street Posse]

In The 80's ["Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase]

Steve had a Cheese Hat (Can You Believe That?) [Steve Blackman]

You So Mossow [Anthony Mossow]

Rising Sun Land [Big Japan Pro Wrestling]

A Well-Placed Lariat [Daisuke Sekimoto]

Respect Runs Deep [Kendo Kashin]

Pain in Unlimited Doses [Atsushi Onita]

Deathmatch [Music by Particle Don]